who to play in Guilty Gear -Strive-?

Guilty Gear -Strive

PlayStation tweeted that if one doesn’t know who to play in Guilty Gear -Strive-? For help selecting a primary character in Guilty Gear, see our GG Guide: Start here, GG beginners.

1)Simple approach.

2) Normal motions.

Ky, Sol, Sin, Raven.

1) simplifies goal-setting. Basics help spot faults and opponent patterns.

If your character is good at point-blank range, your first consideration is how to get in (when to run, IAD, FD break, look out for opponent’s approach) and your second is figuring out the correct action at pressure or okizeme.

 (i.e. basic understanding of meaty vs. Blitz, safe jump / late IAD overhead / empty jump low, and throw / frame trap/pressure extend mind games, and how your character’s tools play into it). Watching matches, learning from mistakes, and understanding your opponent’s movements are easier when your goals are clear. Use an OS to counter backdashes, or empty jump lo to counter fuzzy throw OS.

2) rethinks your gaming strategy. This group may also include “honest” people since the purpose is to learn how to win—and more crucially, how to avoid losing—by playing general mind games.

If you start winning by getting a random knockdown from a strong normal and looping okizeme that your opponent can’t handle, it’s hard to improve neutral, pressure, defense, meter management, hit confirming, etc. Fighting games are mind games, and both players must know their alternatives.

Thus, Ky, Sol, Sin, and Raven are proposed starting characters. Leo and Axl are simple, especially with combos, but their game plans are more matchup-dependent due to tool polarity. Zato (too odd and technical) and Ram (unique neutral tools and okizeme that bypasses basics) are hard to sell. Jack-O’s house control is complicated. Dizzy travels normally but uses “projectile zoning into strong okizeme” like Bedamn and I-No.

Although less peaky/technical than the “bad” characters, May, Venom, Kum, Faust, Chipp, Millia, and Jam are more peaky/technical than the “good” characters. Due to their unique moves and combos, Pot and Slayer are technical but have easy game plans. Elph and Johnny are technically proficient and peaky, unlike Sin and Raven, making it easy to win without fighting game methods or mind tricks.

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