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BEST META QUEST 2 GAMES (Source: Vrelity YouTube)

Based on the Vrelity host’s recent suggestion, Quest 2 has been out for almost 3 years now and since it launched it got some amazing new games. So he’s taking us through the countdown of the top 30 or you can say 30 best Quest 2 games of all time.

1. Breachers: It is a just-released game on VR where You battle it in a 5v5 competition and each team is set into a different role with their own goals and customization options.

2. Vader immortal: This legendary experience with three different parts for all hardcore war fans is the best tower on Quest 2.

3. Big baller basketball: With The blend of realistic physics and arcade-style mechanics, this game helps you to play basketball with your friends efficiently using different features. Performing impossible dunks through slow-mo and better virtual reality is one of the best things.

4. Stride:  A multiplayer game where you are not only jumping across the buildings but also swinging from skyscrapers and additionally saving your life after fighting with the metropolis.

5. Gravity League: This hidden gem of Quest 2 includes two players with a ball with no gravity. You have to compete using advanced air hockey and score 7 points first to be declared the winner.

6. I expect you to die 1 & 2: In this hit game, You have to solve puzzles, escape danger, manipulate objects, and go undercovers. Keeping spoilers minimum. Your main goal is not to die.

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7. The room VR: You have to explore cryptic locations while escaping your surrounding. Virtual reality technology makes it more realistic.

8. Recroom: By making avatars players can create their own world in this game along with enjoying the other third-party players.

9. A township tale: Filled with adventures and secrets, you have to discover a new fantasy world in this game. You also have to fight to become a blacksmith from a warrior. It is one of the top 30 Quest 2 games of all time.

10. Job/vacation simulator: The experience of doing such funny and hilarious things during your job and vacation hours that you never suppose to do make it a fun game. 

11. The climb 1 & 2: With Beautiful scenes, graphics, and quality taking you to new heights by following the track up to the mountains as soon as possible is the main theme of this game.  But you shouldn’t be afraid of heights because your body tends to fall down too while falling in virtual reality.

12. Zenith the lost city: The Zenith, the lost city game is very popular creating more updates and going to add PvP soon so that you can 1v1 your friends to check the strongest one.

13. Eleven table tennis. The true and best representation of the hot shots and desperate returns while playing in VR with the exact physics system as in reality is this game.

14. Onward: Onward is the wire-free and most realistic gameplay on Quest 2. It is full of hardcore players creating difficulty for newcomers.

15. Walkabout Mini Golf: With plenty of fun, this game in Virtual reality seems more interesting than playing in reality. Multiplayers add a lot of new courses to it.

16. Beatsaber: Using a VR headset with the best music tunes, the gamer has to slash the boxes coming to himself.

17. Green Hell VR: Originally released as a flat survival game but gained popularity for VR headsets. Now it is available for Quest 2 and PC VR.

18. Moss Book 1& 2: Moss Book 1 & 2 available for Quest 2 owners, includes helping Quill; a little mouse, in competing with enemies and reaching its destination while solving the puzzles.

19. Iron Man VR: This year, Iron Man VR is available on Quest 2 making much more improvements in its standalone system without wires.

20. Pistolwhip: Being in neon walls, you have to compete with others while avoiding the coming fires and gaining much possible score.

21. Bonelab: This movie on Quest 2 is comprised of bone works. People liked its graphics but its campaign was short.

22. Demeo: The Demeo has virtual reality dragons and dungeons. After picking a class you have to tackle the dungeons.

23. Among us VR: Among the best Quest 2 games, ‘Among Us’ has also been one of the favourites of all. This has got its name in the Quest 2 VR version officially. It mostly includes groundwork.

24. VR Chat: This game is somewhat like a dream as in movies, creating avatars, people can fight with ready player one.

25. Superhot: This movie is the best feel of what VR can provide. Producing a cinematic shooter, this game lets you feel as if you are inside it.

26. Blade & Sorcery: Focused on its sandbox physics-driven system, this game is a stabbing and punching game.

You can pick up objects of different weights.

27. Population 1: This a royal battle reality shooter game where you have to fight for your life to remain in the safe zone and even you can glide from one building to another.

28. Red Matter 2: Focused on environmental puzzles, this is a Sci-Fi adventure. This is the most amazing game on Quest 2 of all time.

29. Resident Evil 4 VR: This is the best game for horror fans. With its cutscenes, this game creates special scenes and effects.

30. Walking Dead: This is a must-play game with its hefty mode and realistic physics combats. This is not only a bar for zombie VR games but for the entire VR community. All these games are Best Quest 2 games 2023. You should try them!

 BEST QUEST 2 GAMES 2023. Top 30 Quest 2 Games of ALL TIME!

Top 30 Quest 2 Games of ALL TIME

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