September 24, 2023

VRelity Unveils-Play PCVR Games Wirelessly on The Quest 2! Airlink, Virtual Desktop & Oculus Link 2023 Revolutionizes Gaming Experience

VRelity Unveils-Play PCVR Games Wirelessly on The Quest 2! Airlink, Virtual Desktop & Oculus Link 2023 Revolutionizes Gaming Experience

*In an astonishing leap forward for virtual reality enthusiasts, VRelity’s today’s video, hosted by none other than VRelity himself, demonstrates the revolutionary technique of playing PCVR games wirelessly on the Quest 2 headset. Titled “How to Play PCVR Games on Quest 2! Airlink, Virtual Desktop & Oculus Link 2023”, the video has sent shockwaves through the gaming community as it introduces a game-changing way to experience high-end PCVR content without the encumbrance of wires.*

The renowned VRelity, an authority in the VR gaming domain, delved into the groundbreaking potential of the Quest lineup by showcasing how the Quest 2 headset, part of the meta’s illustrious series, can now transcend its standalone capabilities. VRelity’s signature video was a comprehensive guide to harnessing the potential of the Quest 2’s prowess for immersive PCVR gaming.

“Today, we’re taking a giant leap into the future of gaming,” exclaimed VRelity in the opening seconds of the video, echoing the sentiments of thousands of eager VR enthusiasts.

In an eloquent breakdown, VRelity underscored the options available to gamers, pointing to the wired Oculus Link as the official method supported by meta. However, he was quick to acknowledge the limitations of this method – a USB-C cable tethering the headset to the gaming computer. But VRelity had much more in store for his eager audience.

Luckily, there are also many wireless options from airlink all the way to Virtual Desktop,” VRelity exclaimed, paving the way for a revelation that would redefine the realm of VR gaming.

VRelity wasted no time in demonstrating the options at hand, diving into a detailed tutorial of setting up the renowned Airlink, the much-touted method that allows gamers to experience the world of PCVR content without the shackles of wires. The prerequisites were clear: a potent VR gaming PC and an impeccable Wi-Fi signal. VRelity’s advice was clear – exceed the minimum requirements to ensure a seamless experience.

The wizardry continued as VRelity navigated viewers through each meticulous step. “Meta also recommends themselves that the PC that is running these games is connected directly to the router through an ethernet cable,” VRelity advised, ensuring gamers weren’t left in the dark about optimizing their connection for peak performance.

The climax of the tutorial was reached with the unveiling of Airlink on the Quest settings menu. “And there you have it,” VRelity triumphantly proclaimed. “You’re pretty much good to go.” The gaming world collectively gasped at the potential that was now within arm’s reach.

Yet VRelity wasn’t content with just one revelation. He introduced Virtual Desktop, the third-party app that promised to take the wireless gaming experience even further. With meticulous guidance, he showcased how Virtual Desktop could transform a gamer’s PC display into a VR playground. “Just press the menu button on your left touch controller,” VRelity grinned, “and here you will get access to changing settings as well as launching VR games directly.”

But VRelity was careful to offer a balanced view, acknowledging the pros and cons of each method. “Virtual Desktop does recommend launching games through this tab,” he advised, providing gamers with the insight needed to make an informed choice.

He underscored the economic advantages of Airlink being the official solution from meta, while Virtual Desktop offered unique features for those willing to invest. “It is still great to see that we can play PCVR games wirelessly with no additional cost,” he stated with a sense of awe.

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