September 24, 2023

2023’s Most Mind-Blowing Top VR Games! You Won’t Believe What’s In Store for Quest 2, Quest 3, PSVR2, and PCVR!

Top VR Games

2023 has given rise to a plethora of thrilling games in a variety of genres in the constantly developing field of virtual reality (VR) gaming. There are games for everyone, whether you play on an Oculus Quest 2, Quest 3, PlayStation VR2, or PCVR. In this post, we’ll examine in further detail the top VR games that were launched in 2023 and give readers a sneak peek at what’s to come for VR fans.

Story-Driven Experiences

“Horizon: Call of the Mountain,” a remarkable newcomer to the VR story-driven genre that is only accessible on PlayStation VR2, is one such example. With its magnificent scenery, intense battles, and immersion into the world of Horizon, this game is graphically spectacular. While preserving the core of the Horizon world, it offers a more intimate and realistic story.

Keep a look out for the upgraded edition of “The Wanderer: Fragments of Fate” if you like narrative-driven adventures. The enhanced visuals, richer narrative, and difficult riddles in this time-traveling adventure are sure to fascinate gamers.

First-Person Shooters (FPS)

First-person shooters (FPS) “Vertigo 2” incorporates comedy from “Rick and Morty” and “Half-Life” with certain “Half-Life” components. It has a wide variety of information, settings, surprising events, and spectacular fighting. This game stands out among VR shooters because to the care and emotion put into it.

Another graphically gorgeous first-person shooter to grace VR in 2023 is “Hubris.” Although it may not quite measure up to “Half-Life: Alyx,” it nevertheless offers a fantastic experience with exciting alien encounters.

The much awaited VR edition of “Resident Evil 4 Remake,” a popular game updated for a new generation of gamers, will soon be available in the FPS genre. For those looking for cooperative experiences, co-op shooters like “Crossfire: Sierra Squad” and “Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord” guarantee fascinating gameplay.

Player vs. Player (PvP) Shooters

With its fierce and compelling gameplay, “Ghost of Tabor” has become the new king of the PvP extraction shooter genre. A fascinating risk-versus-reward dynamic is created as players must scavenge for resources while always on alert against other players.

“Reachers” offers “Rainbow Six Siege”-style warfare with an emphasis on collaboration and specialized equipment for a more strategic PvP experience. This VR shooter distinguishes out from the competition and was made by the same people that made “Hyperdash.”

Future PvP shooter releases like “Alva” and “X8” promise to diversify the genre by giving players a variety of gameplay options.

Competitive Multiplayer and Beyond

The VR version of “Mortal Kombat: Dragon Fist VR” began multiplayer beta testing, even if 2023 didn’t introduce fully new competitive multiplayer features. Players may employ full-body tracking for intense fighting in this action-packed game.

“Demio Battles” intends to provide a tabletop tactical experience for those who want intricate turn-based battle in the future. Characters from the “Moss” world square off in “Glass Breakers: Champion of Moss,” a novel VR twist on the MOBA genre.

Single-Player RPGs

 Although there aren’t many single-player RPGs in VR, “Undead Citadel” provides a darkly themed RPG experience with physics-based combat and a variety of weaponry.

The 60+ hour role-playing game “God’s Wrath 2” is eagerly awaited and features physics-based fighting and a deep story. The series will continue to be engrossing for fans of the first “Asgard’s Wrath” installment.

Co-op RPGs and MMORPGs

The cooperative game “Dark Sword: Battle Eternity” mixes aspects of roguelikes, RPGs, and combat arenas where players must repel progressively difficult foes.

With a focus on cooperative play, “Dungeons of Eternity” offers a dungeon-crawling experience that lets players explore perilous settings and engage in fight with diverse enemies.

The fantasy experience provided by “Elysia” in the MMO genre is reminiscent of earlier works like “EverQuest” and “World of Warcraft.” Although it won’t be available in its entirety until 2023, it already offers a novel VR MMO experience.

Sandbox and Wave Shooter Games

In 2023, just a few new games in the sandbox and wave shooter genres were released. “Bone Lab,” even though it was published in 2022, provided a noteworthy sandbox experience.

Although there aren’t many games in these genres on the horizon, VR gaming is full of surprises, so fans should keep an eye out for new releases.

Rhythm and Puzzle Titles

Updates to well-known rhythm games including “Beat Saber,” “Pistol Whip,” and “Synth Riders” will be available in 2023 for fans to enjoy.I Expect You to Die 3: Cog in the Machine, an escape room with an espionage theme, and the quirky and original “Another Fisherman’s Tale” are both excellent choices for puzzle fans.

Horror Games

2023 saw a significant increase in the popularity of horror video games because to releases like “Propagation: Paradise Hotel,” “Resident Evil Village,” and “Saints and Sinners Chapter 2.” These games provide a blend of action, exploration, and fear. “Inverse” offers a challenging 4v1 asymmetrical gameplay where players may either hide or hunt in a horrifying environment.

The PlayStation VR2 version of “Phasmophobia” will provide users with the pinnacle of the ghost-hunting experience.

Survival Games

Owners of the PlayStation VR2 got ports of “Song in the Smoke” and “Green Hell,” two jungle survival games with distinctive stories and difficulties.

Players of the upcoming survival game “Neolithic Dawn” will be transported to 10,000 BC, where they will have to negotiate harsh terrain and deal with prehistoric animals.

Roguelite Games

“Go Signal: A Solaris Story” takes place on a starship caught in a time loop and features dramatic boss fights and tactical space warfare.

Players in “Synapse” have access to a vibrant neon-filled landscape and special skills. The game blends fast-paced first-person shooter gameplay with roguelike aspects.

“The Light Brigade” is a roguelite game with thrilling gameplay and distinctive boss battles that combines fantasy elements with World War II visuals.

The upcoming roguelite game “Underdog” offers a visually spectacular trip into a robotic subterranean environment where players compete to win.

Fighting Arena Games

Players in “Swordsman VR” battle historical and fantastical warriors while using a wide variety of armor and weapons in physics-based combat. Future video game from the makers of “Sairento,” “Hellsweeper VR,” promises vicious demon fighting in a fast-paced, mature setting.

Sports and Racing Games

Beer pong fans will like “Bounce Shot” since it provides a realistic game with accurate mechanics. “Walkabout Mini Golf” is still receiving upgrades and offers sports lovers a fun virtual golfing experience. “Gran Turismo 7” is unique in the world of sim racing because to its spectacular visuals, realistic physics, and wide range of vehicles.

Social Applications

A broad variety of content for VR players was introduced with the beta launch of “Roblox” for VR. Although it’s still a work in progress, it might compete with services like “Rec Room.”

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