“This changed the gaming industry forever”, reveals Jackfrags, ‘Unreal Engine Fortnite’: Watch It!

Unreal Engine Fortnite

Unreal Engine Editor for Fortnite (Source: Jackfraggs - YouTube)

I the ‘Jackfraggs’ host, am eager to express how the ‘Unreal Engine Fortnite‘ just changed the gaming industry forever by providing opportunities for making money for gamers and developers. This is done through ‘Unreal Editor for Fortnite‘ where there are endless customizable possibilities. Further, publishing creations, game modes, and game experiences on the unreal engine Fortnite is easy for anyone to go on.

One can create any desired model using custom animation and scripting through Fortnite. It’s one positive point is that you can design any gameplay mechanics using Fortnite and get 40% of net revenue after publishing it. To demonstrate the experience, I tried three epic games and gonna share this with you.

The first game that I tried was Domination with the player looking at the moon. With 16 total players and three flags, I succeed to kill my first enemy with a sniper gun. Then from another foe, I had to face a heavy stroke shot because he threw a bomb at me. Next was killed soon with a headshot. The thing I noticed was that the Domination game was gameplay with a lot of background environments and weapons available. I enjoyed a lot playing this game, so when are you going to take this joy up?

Next, the Forest Guardian, just an adorable Fortnite game with a dragon model based on custom animation and scripting was a love for me to play. Dealing with different situations in different lights especially pink with smashing attacks and moving down just made my day! The best thing about this game was that one can use existing things and change them according to own will and I changed a Boom bow into Samurai Bow. Then I had to face the dragon protecting the egg and smashing many enemies I was also hurt to some extent. Then I won the game by getting the egg of the dragon.

The final epic game of Fortnite was Space Inside. Being a horror-type gameplay, this included many secret entrances from one room to another with the noise of breaking objects in the dark. With tracing and my flashlight, I had to deal with several conditions. Going into a brighter room, then into space through the doors there, was my last step in this Sci-Fi game. I loved enjoying these games and you must also play them if you are desiring to observe how the unreal engine Fortnite just changed the gaming industry forever.

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