“The Nreal Air AR glasses keep getting better”, says Joshua Vergara

Nreal Air AR glasses

Nreal Air AR glasses (Joshua)

Myself, Joshua Vergara, on 5th April 2023 excitedly, I went to the Game Developers conference because it was my first GDC there. Despite of conference in Persia, I was also there because of Nreal, and none is unaware of Nreal as this category is getting progress through its new products. Nreal has launched its Nreal Air Ar glasses but now they are getting better.

Let me surprise you by sharing how the Nreal Air AR glasses keep getting better. Since the release of Nreal Air AR glasses, the company has added a lot of extra features to them. The Nreal Air glasses were already a fantastic way to carry an ultraportable second screen with you, but when used with phones, Macs, and the AR glasses also provide a ton of entertaining functionality. Nebula for Windows has been added to the AR capabilities by Nreal, further enhancing the Nreal Air features, which were unveiled at GDC 2023.

In the words of Peng Jin, the co-founder of Nreal, after trying the last thirty or forty years of work on power processing and information connectivity, they thought that how the information is displayed is also a strong pillar. He said, they have merged these elements and created new Nreal Air AR glasses.

I went first for the demo of Nebula for the windows and noticed that it was an entire screen display experience. The most exciting thing that Nebula added to the software of Mac is to provide you with multiple screens. Getting it from Mac, with a Mac book Pro and glasses, you can experience three screens with the best functionality. Instead of carrying three separate pieces of hardware, it is good to have three pieces of software together. It’s a good point to add new functionality to pre-existing technology!

It was really fun to enjoy PS 4 and Horizon 5 on Windows with Nreal Air Ar glasses having a lot of new features and functionality. With 130 inches of the screen through only wearing glasses is awesome rather than listening only to the deck system. With its clear & wide range screen, advanced features to enjoy games and full-length screen I just loved it! Creating no mess you can take it with you during the journey and enjoy it a lot while controlling it with your phone. It’s actually a freedom where you can enjoy games on one screen and Windows on the other one!  Being very light-weighted and having a portable monitor, these glasses are really a good advancement in technology.

I just loved it and you too will love to have these Nreal Air AR glasses to convert virtuality into reality. I urge you to get it from Mac or Nreal Just grab this chance to enjoy the new features of Nreal Air Ar glasses.

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