September 24, 2023

Synth Riders! Enjoy 5 Free Songs in the PSVR2 Synthwave Essentials 3 Pack.

Synthwave Essentials 3 Pack

We’re happy to announce Synth Riders’ birthday! Our gamers will receive the Synthwave Essentials 3 bundle, which includes five amazing songs to enhance their Synth Riders experience, to celebrate this great event” tweeted PlayStation.

Best part? It’s gratis! We have great news for #PSVR2 fans. For this cutting-edge VR system, the Synthwave Essentials 3 set offers an immersive and exhilarating gameplay experience. What’s in Synthwave Essentials 3? We selected the best synth-wave songs for this collection to get your heart pumping and body moving. A preview:

Stellar Dreams “Neon Dreams”: Take a trip to a neon-lit city with throbbing beats and enchanting tunes. “Cyber Echoes” by Meteor: Laser lights and cybernetic rhythms transport you through a futuristic universe. “Digital Paradigm” by Wice: Explore a vibrant digital world with retro nostalgia and current feelings.

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“Synth City” by OGRE: Let the music guide you through an intriguing urban setting. Scandroid “Voyage”: Voyage’s majestic voice and instrumentation will carry you over time and space. Get Synthwave Essentials 3 Pack Get these five amazing tunes easily. Search Synth Riders on your #PSVR2 PlayStation Store. Synth Riders get an exciting boost from the free Synthwave Essentials 3 set.

Synth Riders Celebrate the Beat VR Gamers and music fans love Synth Riders since its release. Synth Riders has become a VR rhythm game mainstay due to its fascinating aesthetics, intense gameplay, and numerous music genres. We thank our amazing community for this milestone. Your dedication helped Synth Riders succeed. We needed you!

Put on your VR headset, grab some controllers, and groove to the Synthwave Essentials 3 pack. Celebrate this momentous event in Synth Riders’ explosive world of music and dance. Here’s to another year of Synth Riders’ incredible music, gameplay, and memories. Keep rocking and watch for more interesting Synth Riders updates and surprises!

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