September 24, 2023

Sony Announces State of Play Event – Here’s What to Expect

State of Play Event

Sony has just revealed a new State of Play event set to happen tomorrow, giving fans only a 24-hour notice. This timing closely mirrors last year’s announcement, adding an air of excitement to the gaming community. Scheduled for Thursday, September 14th, the event promises to provide updates on games arriving in 2023 and beyond.

The announcement was made via the PlayStation blog, and it seems Sony is sparing no effort to reach its audience, with the event set to stream on YouTube, Twitch, and even TikTok. Sean Benson from the global third-party relations team at PlayStation announced the event, expressing his enthusiasm for what’s in store.

What to Expect from the State of Play Event

According to the PlayStation blog, tomorrow’s State of Play broadcast will primarily focus on updates to previously announced coming to PlayStation 5 games‘ consoles. This includes updates for indie games, and notably, a mention of the highly anticipated PSVR2 highlights. The event won’t stop there; it also promises a glimpse at major upcoming titles from third-party partners.

In their own words, “Here at PlayStation, our vision is to be the best place to play and publish great games. Because there are thousands of developers and publishers all around the world constantly making great games, our team has their work cut out for them.”

Third-Party Showcase with a Few Surprises?

While some fans might be disappointed that the event seems to be focused on third-party content, it’s worth noting that Sony is currently sitting on a treasure trove of games. Titles like Final Fantasy VII Remake, Silent Hill 2 Remake, Rise of the Ronin, Helldivers 2, and Stellar Blade, all PlayStation 5 console exclusives, have been announced in the past year or so with little to no updates. Fans of these titles might finally get some long-awaited news.

It’s essential to temper expectations, though. While some of these games might make an appearance, it’s unlikely that all of them will be showcased in a single event. Moreover, fans should understand that Sony might be saving its first-party announcements to avoid overshadowing the upcoming release of Spider-Man 2.

Hopeful Outlook

Despite the potential for disappointment, there’s reason to remain optimistic. Sony’s State of Play events have had their share of highs and lows. In 2022, for instance, Sony hosted two State of Play events in June and September, both of which were well-received by PlayStation fans. If Sony can deliver solid updates on some of the highly anticipated titles and showcase exciting indie and PSVR2 games, this event could be considered a success.

It’s a situation of “hope for the best, prepare for the worst.” While there’s a chance that the State of Play might not meet everyone’s expectations, it’s encouraging that Sony is actively engaging with its community and has exciting content on the horizon. Plus, with Spider-Man 2 previews set for the day after the event, there’s a lot for gamers to look forward to.

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