Sony discloses its Access controller for PS5

Access controller for PS5

PlayStation tweeted  “As we reveal fresh photographs and information on the Access controller for PS5, which was created in cooperation with the accessibility community, join us in celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day.” Sony’s Project Leonardo PS5 accessibility controller is currently referred to as the Access Controller. The adaptable controller was created with gamers with impairments in mind and features swappable buttons and stick caps. 

Additionally, Sony included an Access controller UI in the PS5 gaming system that allows customization of button profiles and mapping in addition to a unique virtual controller option.

Hideaki Nishino, senior VP of platform experience at Sony Interactive Entertainment, explains that on the PS5 console, Players can set the Access controller’s preferred orientation, assign different inputs to the buttons, turn on or off buttons, or even assign two distinct inputs to the same button.

As part of this customization, you may create profiles for various games and create a virtual controller that combines up to two Access controllers, one DualSense controller, and possibly two more. This virtual controller makes it possible to combine different devices or even play together with others. Sony has also developed a toggle mode that functions similarly to the caps lock key on a keyboard to turn a button on or off without requiring gamers to keep it down.

While Sony has today (as part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day) announced the Access controller moniker and some further data, we have yet to learn the cost and release date. Nishino stated that in the upcoming months, “We’ll have more to say about the Access controller for PS5, including more product and release details.”

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