2023’s 5 Best Smart Glasses for Gaming and Entertainment to Keep You Muscularly Active

smart glasses for gaming

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The newest variety of tech accessories has already begun to bloom in the minds of tech savvies. A new purpose is to offer immersive and interactive gaming and entertainment experiences you haven’t had before. Smart glasses for gaming and their accessories are these days getting more popular due to their convenience of use and rich feelings. 

Be it gaming that requires bodily movements or music that makes you twirl, snap, or shake a leg. Each of the consistent activities to some extent burns a tiny amount of calories if you agree with me. Repeating the activities on a regular basis would definitely keep you physically, let’s say muscularly active.

Gaming has not only become a significant source of entertainment but has also been considered an inspirational source of earning among youngsters. 

Despite the wide popularity of these smart glasses, a large number of people are very conscious while buying smart glasses as using glasses of inadequate quality can be harmful to the eyes. 

Considering this, the present article is focused on listing the best 5 smart glasses for 2023. 

Let’s explore this list.

Top Five Glasses for Gaming, Sports and Entertainment

  1. Viture One XR Glasses – Best for all USB-C Devices
smart glasses for Gaming

Viture One XR glasses are one of the first-ever glasses that has used adjustable electrochromic films which aim to provide you with a flawless, smooth, and pixel-free virtual screen in front of your eyes. 

This pair of glasses is one of the best smart glasses as they are compatible with all USB-C devices that are capable of generating video and power output. Therefore, no matter whether you have a Macbook, Stem Deck, iPad, Mini/Air Pro, or any other Android phone, you can easily enjoy gaming at any time. 

The Best Features 

Some of its features that make it one of the best smart glasses are

  • Offers a huge display of 120 inches
  • Possesses built-in speakers powered by HARMAN Audio EFX
  • Offers a maximum resolution of 1080p and 60fps
  • A color-changing film that can dim and brighten according to the environment
  • They weigh only 78g therefore they are easy and comfortable to wear


  • Comfortable in wearing
  • Stylish design
  • Offers good resolution 
  • Gives flawless picture and sound quality


  • It is expensive
  • You will have to buy additional accessories to fully benefit from these glasses


These glasses are best for those who want a pair of glasses that is compatible with all USB-C devices. 

2. XReal Air AR – The High-Resolution Glasses

smart glasses for Gaming

Buying the X Real Air glasses will enable you to carry a 330-inch display in your pocket. These glasses have been built on the most innovative AR technology and provide you with the highest image quality. 

With these glasses, gone are the days when you often had back or neck pain due to looking down at your phone or laptop as it acts as the best monitor alternative and TV projector. Let’s further explore it.

The Best Features

Some of its features that make it one of my favorite smart glasses are

  • It is compatible with nearly all types of Android phones, laptops, and Steam Deck
  • Offers the highest image quality with 330 inches huge display
  • Lightweight and possesses multi-level adjustment, therefore, wearing it is very comfortable
  • It has multiple display modes to fulfill your varying needs, however, you may need accessories to fully harness this feature


  • Cool design
  • Good hardware
  • Good image quality
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Slightly expensive
  • The software is not good


These glasses are good for people who want to replicate their screens or use YouTube for entertainment purposes as no other app currently works in the Nebula browser. 

3. Rokid Max AR Glasses – The Glasses with Professional Acoustics

smart glasses for Gaming

Having adequate quality of sound while playing any kind of game is essential to fully enjoy the game and experience its true feeling. 

Rokid Max glasses have come up with the most latest and advanced acoustics so that you can get maximum from your pair of glasses. Moreover, there is also a USB-C cable and HDMI adapter that allows you to connect these glasses with other game consoles. 

In addition to this, these glasses act as an all-in-one device to enjoy any kind of entertainment. Let’s see how. 

The Best Feature

Some of its auspicious features that enable you to make all entertainment memorable include

  • Enables you to enjoy cinema-level entertainment no matter whether you are at home or at the road
  • There is a built-in myopia correction ranging from 0.00 D to -6.00D that allows all kinds of individuals having varying eye prescriptions to enjoy a similar hassle-free AR experience
  • Allows you to have a game-changing experience and challenge your competitor in a game whether you are playing on an Android phone, laptop, or Steam deck. 
  • The glasses are equipped with professional-grade acoustics that offer a discreet yet pleasant listening experience
  • Promises to provide you with clear, vibrant, and bright visuals in each video or game
  • Provides you with high-quality images having a resolution of 215 inches
  • The comfortable nose pads and extra lightweightedness make them one of the most convenient and comfortable glasses


  • Come with USB-C cable
  • Offers good quality images
  • Provides you with premium-quality sound


  • Do not work well with Google Pixel Phone
  • Canot replace large multiple screens


This pair of glasses is good for those who want to have a dedicated USB cable for their smart glasses and do not want to compromise on audio quality. 

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4. Lenovo Legion Glasses – Best for Pro Gamers

smart glasses for Gaming

Lenovo Legion glasses are the best choice for those who want to play all handheld games like a pro and do not want to compromise in any battle. 

Its high-quality display with immersive visuals, tailored visual precision, adjustable refresh rate, and responsive touch screen make it one of the best companions for professional gamers. 

Let’s see how you can master your every move with the help of these glasses. 

The Best Features

Some of the unique features that make it suitable for pro gamers are

  • The pure sight gaming display of 8.8″ 2560×1600 offers you an immersive gaming experience and even enables you to adjust the visual precision from 1600p to 800p. The refresh rate can also be adjusted from a speedy(144 Hz) to an energy-saving mode(60 Hz) depending on your needs
  • It is powered by AMD Ryzen™ Z1 Extreme processor which guarantees incredible battering timings and high quality and innovative visuals that take your gaming to the next level
  • Its ergonomic thermally effective design with its ultra-thin fins, sinks the heat, keeps the glasses cool, and ensures effective airflow. Thus, an adequate balance between power and heat keeps the entire system cool and quiet and you can have uninterrupted entertainment
  • It also provides users with a unique hall effect with the help of RGB-lit Trailblazers joysticks leaving behind the traditional joysticks. 
  • You will also get detachable true strike controllers that assure precision and comfort and unique features like mappable controls, antislip texture, and a comprehensive trackpad.
  • In addition to this, these glasses are fully customizable and you can enjoy a unique gaming experience with numerous settings


  • Its ergonomic design offers both precision and comfort
  • Good battery timings
  • Possess unique thermal design that ensures effective cooling and airflow
  • Possesses good memory that can be expanded with the help of a micro SD card slot


  • The beginners may find difficulties in using it or fully benefitting from it


This pair of glasses with a wide range of features and numerous customizable settings are perfect for professional gamers.

5. TCL NXTWEAR – The Glasses That Protect Your Eyes

smart glasses for Gaming

Wearing smart glasses can be damaging for the eyes, therefore, a large number of people look for eye protection while buying smart glasses.

TCL NXTWEARS is an amazing option in this regard that promises to protect your eyes while you are immersed in the seamless and pleasant gaming experience while wearing smart glasses. 

This eye protection has become possible due to TÜV Rheinland Certification, flicker-free, and low blue light. 

Moreover, the soft touch and pillow-shaped nose pads allow you to wear the glasses for many hours without any stress. The folding angles coupled with 30° opening and closing further allow glasses to adapt to different face shapes easily. 

The Best Features

Some of the competitive features of these glasses are

  • With its 20-inch dual micros OLED display, you will get a bright, clear, and high-quality image every time. You can even see clearly across the outdoor environments. Moreover, switching between 2D and 3D is only a matter of a few clicks.
  • These glasses are TUV Rheinland certified and protect your eyes by offering flicker-free and low blue light. Additionally, the nose-shaped pads and a soft touch further make them stress-free.
  • The speakers in these glasses are also very precisely tuned which provides deep and seamless sound every time. There is also acoustic phase cancellation technology within them that guarantees your privacy by overcoming overhearing abilities.
  • These glasses are also perfect for on-the-go entertainment As they allow you to access the entire world of XR content with its TCL AR app and above all these are compatible across multiple devices. 


  • Good image quality
  • Protect your eyes
  • Compatible with a vast range of devices


  • The glasses are not adjustable
  • It is not comfortable in wearing


This pair of glasses is perfect for those who are conscious about their eyes and want to protect them while wearing glasses. 

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Final Conclusion

To conclude, the enlisted glasses are the best smart glasses for 2023 as all of them have been chosen either based on the personal use case or after considering the customer reviews. 

You can go with any of the abovementioned products depending on your need or priority, as none of them is going to regret you. 

Besides top 5 best smart glasses for gaming promise that provide an immersive, delightful, and memorable entertainment experience anytime and anywhere. Get to know:

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