‘Skookum’ guys switched to ‘Unreal Engine Game Development’ after 10 years in Unity: Watch

Unreal Engine Game Development

'Skookum Arts' guys sharing switched to 'Unreal Engine Game Development' after 10 years in Unity (credit: Skookum Arts)

‘Skookum Arts’ game makers finally decided to switch from Unity to Unreal Engine Game Development due to differences in Mobile games (Unity) vs. Traditional Premium games (Unreal Engine) which are getting high demand these days.

‘Unity’ game development has a different perspective which focuses on mobile users or casual players. Whereas ‘Unreal Engine’ mainly focuses on creating high-quality premium games to be played on PC/computer and VR (in the coming projects).

According to ‘The Pedestrian’ Game Makers, both engines are best at their place. And no wonder they spent 10+ years with ‘Unity’ which is quite impressive.

Their game ‘The Pedestrain’ had certain requirements that Unity wasn’t able to fulfill. The specialty of Unreal Engine in terms of lighting and data visualization resulted in pretty helpful for these makers.

Moreover, their growth within the gaming field powered them to switch to Unreal Engine at the right time.

‘Skookum Arts’ guys mentioned that, ‘this decision was quite sensible instead of waiting up for 1 or 2 more years, and regret the delay.

‘Unreal Engine’ is gradually changing and taking over the gaming development industry due to its unbeatable realistic quality.

Here’s the quality appearance of Unreal Engine 5:

They highlighted some pros and cons of both game development platforms, saying:

Unity Pros and ConsUnreal Engine Pros and Cons
Existing HistoryFocus on High-End PC and Console
Community SupportNanite, Lumen (Lighting System), World Partition
It’s Lightweight ComparativelySource Available
Great Eco-system of AssetsData Visualization (Several tools to visualize the game in production)
Made By People Who Make Games
Buggy / Unfinished FeaturesThe Complexity of the Program (more to learn and so much to do)
Lightening Has IssuesIt’s Heavy As Well (compared to Unity)
Unity vs Ureal Engine Pros and Cons By Skookum Arts

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