Can I Sell 1 Single NFT Item Instead Of a Collection?

Our take on selling a Single NFT Item – The very first query is why do most NFT owners sell the collection of the items, and only a few sell a single item without replicating the foundation? The answer is the segregated strategy. Owner ‘A’ makes 10K pieces of the same base in different ways and sets their pricing from 0.01 Eth (around $30 USD). And the valuable items’ pricing increases every next hour based on the bid. Won’t you think how profitable it would be if each item reaches 15 Eth ($44,389 USD); just like in the case of Moonshine.

Whereas, a single NFT item has a completely different perspective in terms of selling. As owner ‘B’ focuses on providing value to the ultimate owner with its uniqueness, instead of just making revenue out of it.

Absolutely Yes, you can sell a single NFT item instead of creating a collection of similar items. And this can be possibly made successful by either applying whitelisting & airdrop strategy; or by making the product unique in itself.

Primarily, any NFT item presents itself as highly utilizable and extraordinary; that NFT has the potential to stand out as a single shiner despite that of the competitor, who has 1000s of pieces in a collection but are worth less than the sole one.

Why Would You Want To Sell a Single NFT Item?

There could be several reasons why one wants to sell a single item and not the collection.

These could be the reasons behind:

  1. Creating brand value
  2. Providing maximum utility with a single item
  3. The strategy of launching a collection one after another single item
  4. Testing the NFT market, opinion, and response of the potential owners about your NFT
  5. Can’t afford to create a collection of items
  6. A single item is easy to promote and convert into a ‘Sell’
  7. Wanting to stand out from the crowd

And so many reasons to think of.

What Shall I Prefer, Creating an NFT Collection or Single NFTs?

As mentioned, the reason behind creating NFTs has to be clear and explainable. If you fall in one of the 7 categories stated above, you should go with creating your first and single NFT (for the time).

In case, your scenario and plans are way different from that of elaboration, you should definitely prefer Creating NFT Collection.

Where collection can bring in more revenue, it has more chances of leaving 100s of NFTs dead. As NFTs after a period of time get expired.


Whereas, a single valuable NFT item has a high potential to be sold within the first 14 days from the date of launching it officially.

Is There Any Example Of a Single NFT Item Owner?

Yes, there are numerous single item owners, however, we’d look into the one ruling, and being a single item player ‘RTFKT – MNLTH‘.

RTFKT has been a former owner and collector of a single item. Until April 2022, the item had around 7.8K owners. Price on 23rd April 2022 as 9.5 Eth (USD $28,115).

Now the choice is all yours, whether would want to start with the NFT collection or a single universal unit.

Overall, single-piece items have a stricter policy of usage. The terms and conditions state that some items could be modifiable. And the modified pieces would be completely owned by the owner who modified them. However, these cannot be put to resell or other purposes besides using in your own project.

Every first owner of the NFT has a right to set their own terms and conditions, that is to be followed by all new and potential owners and users of the item. Here are the RTFKT Terms to read.

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