September 24, 2023

“Shredder’s Revenge Dimension Shellshock DLC Survival Mode”

Shredder's Revenge Dimension

Shredder’s Revenge needs new content. Krang’s robotic body signaled a new survival mode! Fans wanted Survivor’s competitive multiplayer, a mode where players can enter, exit, fight new enemies, collect strange power-ups, and explore new locations. Neutrinos, the coolest Dimension X rebels, interrupt a pizza party and seek the Turtles for help. Mutants defeat the Foot Clan! Turtles combat evil.

Dimension Shellshock’s survival mode pits Turtles against other worlds for dimension crystal shards. Loud reptiles combat Shredder with multiversal diamonds. Multifaceted spatial gauntlet.Vacuum-fight Shredder. Defeat him to return to Neutrinos or rule the leaderboards, the hardest mission. Interdimensional survival is hard. Players face 100+ opponent waves. Turtle soup from deadly Foot Soldiers! Tough fighters struggle against enemy waves strengthened by the Foot Clan. 

Shredder faces other enemies. The Foot Clan’s multiversal movement makes dimensions weather-sensitive. Low gravity helps you jump higher, but wind gusts might fling you into the enemy’s hands. Crystalline stalactites crack shells. Horde defeat opens two prize gateways. Both aid combat and alter the game. Pizzas, shards, and gushing jars can heal ninjas. Oozing grants unique mutation bonuses. Turbo Teen accelerates your hero? What price? Use Boss Mutations to become Bebop, Rocksteady, or Shredder!

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Surviving Dimensional Shellshock: One life and basic talents start your pan-dimensional quest! Gems increase Ninja Power, lives, and difficulty. TMNT carousel. Omnichannel 6 vs. Edo! Don’t miss home, old friends and foes are roaring or booing. Tribute Games sought Shredder’s Revenge. Turtle games return. We hope you’ll return to the TMNT toy box with PlayStation 4 Dimension Shellshock DLC later this year.

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