How To Successfully Sell Your First NFT Within 7 Days?

Creating an NFT won’t be a big deal these days. As you could either create it all by yourself with basic creativity and technical knowledge. Or you could plan to hire or collaborate with an artist to work along. The actual struggle begins with selling the NFT. How in the world could you successfully sell your first NFT?

With our expertise, here we go through important proven actions to sell your first NFT within 7 days:

  • Create a quality NFT, not just any NFT
  • Business: Find your Token-Alms/Contract Fulfillers to support NFTs (businesses, restaurants, and so on)
  • Individual: Find professionals to be your Token-Alms
  • Present your NFTs to the World

Now, What Are Token-Alms?

Token-Alms are the supplements that fulfill the NFT contract by completing the promises made by the NFT seller to the NFT buyer. For instance, artist A created an NFT with a contract saying “whoever buys this NFT, gets a free stay in Toronto City Hotel (Canada) for 2 Days and 3 Nights”. So in this circumstance, Toronto City Hotel will play the role of Token-Alm i.e. Contract Fulfiller.

You may have to tie up with ‘Contract Fulfillers’ in some cases if the promises are based on memberships or long-term commitments.

Let’s look into the actions required to successfully sell your first NFT in 7 Days:

1. Creating a Quality NFT, Not Just Any NFT

Now creating NFT could be in the form of a collectible, art, music, domain, photography, or anything that brings value to the buyer’s life. There have to be 2 criteria ensuring your NFTs are worth it:

a. The Utility of NFT is high i.e. the underneath contract is extremely valuable

b. Your NFT itself will drive high utility in Metaverse e.g. 3D Animations and Characters

Within the second criteria, if your NFT has the potential to be used in the Metaverse; and does not need to make any promises to be fulfilled in the real world; so is the reality. Whereas, the NFTs in the form of collectibles must have lucrative contracts to be fulfilled accordingly.

–> And these are crucial factors why 98% of new NFTs fail in selling; because they don’t have anything to offer buyers neither in metaverse nor in the real world.

2. Finding Token-Alms / Contract Fulfillers

Business Perspective

If you’re already in the business, finding the contract fulfillers won’t be much challenging. Prior to making any decision, it is essential to understand the type of contract you’ve created. These could be short-term contracts or long-term contracts.

Examples of short-term contract

  • Meeting a Celebrity
  • Free Family Experience in Disney World
  • A Couple’s Fine-Dine
  • Dating Treat On a Cruise
  • 7 Days Free Meals In a Restaurant (Unlimited Orders)
  • Visiting 5 Historic Places In Egypt
  • Attending Millionaires’ Gathering Event
  • 5 Nights and 4 Days Holiday in Los Angeles

There’s so much more, one can offer to its NFT buyer. Adding some more ‘NFTs are not just token but valuable assets you could ever imagine’.

Examples of a long-term contract

  • 2 Years of Web Portal Membership
  • Free Fast Deliveries For Coming 11 Months – Amazon
  • 3 Years Free Web Hosting & Domain Renewals – Godaddy
  • Yearly Visit To Effiel Tower With Stay
  • 1 Year Of Free Gym Membership
  • 4 Sets Of Annual Gifts From Adidas
  • Lifetime Restaurant Membership In London

Disclaimer: The above-given examples are just ideas of how and what you could offer to your buyers or customers.

Individual Perspective

Alike businesses, one has to tie up with an artist or a photographer or a personality of value. What and how could you offer your NFT buyers within the contract:

  • On buying an NFT, get an original art of ‘Morgan’ artist worth $2569
  • A set of wildlife photography with 20 RK Images
  • Free-Martial Arts Training Worth $699
  • Collaborate With a Famous YouTube Personality
  • Become a Brand Ambassador Of Our Product For a Year

The list is going to end. You could plan the contract all by yourself understanding your limits and capacity to deal. Do not make over-promises that are beyond your NFTs’ worth; or that you cannot afford.

3. Present Your NFT to the World

Presenting to ‘Successfully Sell Your First NFT’ has been the primary strategy to sell any NFT. This is basically creating hype within communities, social platforms, and your own platform to bring a higher rate o conversion.

Get detailed guidance on ‘How to Present Your NFT to the World?

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