Secrets of Pokémon Teal Mask DLC Leaks: Exclusive Leaked Info Reveals Mind-Blowing Updates

Secrets of Pokémon Teal Mask DLC

[Updates] Hang on, the Secrets of pokémon teal mask DLC leaks and walkthrough! The Pokémon community is buzzing with excitement as the release of the Teal Mask DLC draws near. While some leaks have surfaced, we’re here to provide you with 100% accurate predictions about what to expect in this highly anticipated expansion.

New Region or Not?

The central question surrounding the Teal Mask DLC expansion is whether it introduces an entirely new region or simply adds an extension to the existing Galar region. The debate centers around Kitakami, the land featured in the DLC. Some believe it’s a brand-new region due to references to Johto and the implication of an entirely new area, while others speculate it might be an expansion of Galar. Given Game Freak’s recent release schedule, it’s more likely to be an expansion similar in scale to the Isle of Armor or Crown Tundra.

The Loyal Trio

The Teal Mask DLC will introduce the “Loyal Trio” of legendary Pokémon: Pheasant Deputy, Monkey Dory, and Okie Doggy. These three legendary Pokémon have a folklore connection in Kitakami, where they are revered for protecting the land from an evil ogre. It’s a safe bet that they’ll follow a typical Pokémon storyline, where ancient guardians emerge to assist the player in facing a new or ancient catastrophic threat.

While they all have the “Toxic Chain” ability, which suggests they are poison types, they might also have secondary types. Okie Doggy could be Fighting due to its punch-like moves, Monkey Dory might be Psychic based on its displayed moves, and Pheasant Deputy, despite speculations of it being a Fairy type, might also have Flying-type qualities as it uses flying moves.

New Evolutions for Old Pokémon

The Teal Mask DLC is likely to bring new evolutions for certain Pokémon, much like the previous expansions. One prime candidate for an evolution is Applin, given its potential as a native Pokémon in Kitakami. Another Pokémon that could receive an evolution is Mytiana, a fan-favorite with room for improvement in its design and stats.

A surprising prediction is an evolution for Snorlax, possibly tying into the Pokémon Sleep app. This evolution might grant Snorlax an extra form with better stats while maintaining its classic appearance.

Mysterious Characters

The DLC introduces intriguing characters, such as Perrin and Briar. Perrin appears to have ties to Legends: Arceus, which suggests a link between Kitakami’s history and Pokémon’s ancient past. The Timeless Woods location hints at the possibility of Hisuian Pokémon appearing in the DLC.

Briar, the supervisor from the Blueberry Academy, raises suspicions. Her outfit and red eyes suggest a more sinister role, potentially involving the player in secretive activities. Pokémon games have surprised us before with seemingly trustworthy characters turning out to be villains, so keep an eye on Briar.

Ogrepon and its Mask

Ogrepon, a confirmed legendary Pokémon, is known to hide behind a mask for extended periods. Speculations point towards it being a Grass/Dark type, fitting its appearance and potential villainous role in the game.

One intriguing aspect is Ogrepon’s mask, which might indicate a form change when it undergoes Terastarization. This form change could boost its stats and enhance its Grass and Dark-type moves. Additionally, the masks linked to the Loyal Trio in promotional material hint at the possibility of these Pokémon also receiving form changes.

As we eagerly await the Teal Mask DLC, these predictions offer a glimpse into what could await us in the Pokémon world. Remember, these are just speculations based on available information, and the true surprises await players when they embark on their adventures in Kitakami.

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