‘Rube Goldberg Workshop’ is now available on Meta Quest 2 + Pro!

Rube Goldberg Workshop

Reality Labs at Meta tweeted “’Rube Goldberg Workshop’ is now available on Meta Quest 2 + Pro. Create Intelligent Machines in Mixed Reality.”The Rube Goldberg Institute and Free Range Games have collaborated to create the virtual reality title “Rube Goldberg Workshop,” which can be purchased for the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro. A deal was mediated by Brand Central, the official licensing company for Rube Goldberg.

Chris Scholz, CEO of Free Range Games, states, “We are honored to be partnering with The Rube Goldberg Institute for ‘Rube Goldberg Workshop’.” All of us who work as game developers have at some point imagined, observed, or constructed a humorous Rube Goldberg contraption. Every one of our lives has been impacted by Rube’s creations. What is a level in a video game if not a complex Rube Goldberg device? 

With “Rube Goldberg Workshop,” we will continue to have an impact on the next generation of builders, inventors, and game designers while introducing the Rube Goldberg name to a brand-new technical sphere. In this sandbox building, users can construct machines utilizing more than 80 different parts. The Meta Quest 2 and Pro headsets’ mixed reality capabilities are used by “Rube Goldberg Workshop” to make the game more lifelike. 

By scanning the area and any surfaces the player wants to use, they may include their actual surroundings in their creations. Players can light off fireworks in their kitchen, drop bowling balls from the top of their bookshelf, or convert their workstations into a pachinko machine. According to Jennifer George, a chief creative officer of The Rube Goldberg Institute and Rube’s granddaughter, “We were so thrilled with the Jenga AR game that we felt Free Range  The ultimate Meta Quest VR Rube Goldberg experience, “Rube Goldberg Workshop,” would be created with the help of games.

 One of the many wonders of the digital age is the ability to create a Rube Goldberg machine out of nothing, in any size space, or even in the confines of your own bed. Even your dog, children, refrigerator, or pet hamster could be the inspiration for your machine! My granddad would be shocked, I’m sure.

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