Roblox Beta Now Live on MetaQuestVR, Tweeted Jasmine Unize today!

Roblox Beta

“Today, we are thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated Roblox Beta is officially available on MetaQuestVR, creating an exciting new dimension for gamers worldwide. This is now live on MetaQuest VR”, says Jasmine.

This groundbreaking collaboration between Roblox Corporation and MetaQuestVR allows players to dive into their favorite Roblox adventures like never before, immersing themselves in a virtual reality world filled with endless possibilities. Players can now go inside their favorite Roblox games and experience them in an entirely new way thanks to the introduction of Roblox Beta on MetaQuestVR.

Players can check it out here. This integration takes the gaming experience to new heights by allowing players to create and personalize their unique avatars, as well as explore virtual worlds with their friends and interact with other players. Users can completely submerge themselves in the Roblox universe by harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology provided by MetaQuestVR.

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This makes every adventure feel more realistic and compelling than it ever has before. Jasmine Uniza said, “We could not be more thrilled to bring the world of Roblox into the exciting and immersive realm of virtual reality through our partnership with MetaQuestVR.” This partnership not only represents a big milestone for both companies but also paves the way for fantastic new potential for gamers worldwide.

We can’t wait for gamers to dive into their favorite games and discover new facets of them as they experience them for the very first time. Experience the future of gaming today by downloading the Roblox Beta on your MetaQuestVR device.

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