September 24, 2023

RulerMaker To Launch Their First Ever High-Utility Rigged 3D NFT – ‘A Graceful Knight’

If you’ve scanned several NFT marketplaces, you’d notice that the majority of NFTs are either Jpeg, Png, or similar visual formats. Rarely you’d observe any 3D NFT that has a high level of utility. RulerMaker is soon to launch the first-ever High-Utility Rigged 3D NFT named ‘A Graceful Knight’.

Get ready to explore the story behind the character – ‘A Graceful Knight’. Why is this NFT has so the importance and how is it valuable in itself. The rigged 3D NFT doesn’t need to make any after-promises to meet. The quality itself is sufficient to be made applicable in Games and Animation Films of the Metaverse.

Rigged 3D NFT

A Graceful Knight (by RulerMaker) – Storyline

After the gruesome massacre of the war, all fellow allies lost, and the graceful knight walks alone. Wounded inside and out, he searches for his people. Wandering in his solitude, he nears a village.

Even without the screams of the villagers, the knight can feel the hatred and pain emanating from within the streets and walls of this place.

As he walks down the main road, a woman is being tortured and beaten in the distance. At first impulse, the knight wants to liberate the woman from her subduer but keeps his composure and takes a deep breath.

“What is this place?” He asks himself under his breath. As he scans the landscape of the town, he can notice people hiding and peeking out from broken shop windows.

At this moment he hears someone making an attempt to get his attention with a slight hissing sound from behind him. He peeks his vision over his shoulder and sees an old ragged man crouching behind a group of barrels. When their eyes meet, the old man begins to gesture him over. The knight looks around again, still unseen by the bandit in the distance, he walks over to the barrels with pride in his posture. As he nears, the old man begins to wave at him whispering, “Get down, get down.” The knight crouches behind the barrels with the old man who has sweat dripping down his face, screams from the woman continue to pierce the air.

“What’s going on here?” The knight asks. The old man explains the horrific events the town has been experiencing, in which they have been overrun by a group of ruffian bandits, stealing and pillaging the village, with no authority left to stop them.

The people of the village just want peace and prosperity but feel it is nearly impossible with the current state of their township. The knight looks around, seeing the fear-ridden faces of the tenants who embody this town.

The knight can’t bring himself to leave this village until some sort of justice has been served. As he looks into the eyes of the people around, he sees the faces of his dear allies who died in the vicious war. No longer can he sit by and watch the pain and death scar the land. “I will stop them. I will put an end to this suffering once and for all.” He says. “For I can bear no longer to see such tragedy befall my fellow man.” The knight looks down, his words surrounded by purity and heart.

The old man feels the genuinity. “Follow me,” says the old man, while scurrying into a nearby shop. Following behind, the knight sees the man going to a hatch on the floor and slipping into the shadows beneath. Confused but determined, the knight follows the vagabond into the floor. As he shuts the hatch behind him, a match strikes and a small flame illuminates the corridor. Behind the flame, the light dances across the old man’s face as he lights the wick of an old candle.

“Here we can talk,” Says the man. The knight sits down on a small wooden chair next to him, the old wood screeches as he rests down his body. He looks into the old man’s eye, “I shall gather my strength here tonight, you tell me all I need to know about these people.” The old man nods and gets ready a place for the large man to sleep. As they get comfortable, he tells the knight all the history of this place and the details of what has been done.

The news of the horrific events fills the knight with rage and anger, reminding him of the evil of the battlefield and bloodshed. , No man or woman should ever have to face such atrocity he tosses in his mind for hours before falling to sleep. As he awakens, he puts on his war-tattered gear.

He prepares himself for death as he climbs up from the bunker. He is ready to put his own life on the line for these people, to stop their unjust suffering. Never again can he stand to see a life taken for no reason.

The Rigged 3D NFT – ‘A Graceful Knight’ Is Yet To Release Its Trailer Soon

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