Rashid of the Turbulent Wind will webcast his Street Fighter 6 debut

Rashid of the Turbulent Wind

PlayStation tweeted “Rashid of the Turbulent Wind will livestream his Street Fighter 6 debut on July 24.” World Warriors, prepare for the storm. Rashid of the Turbulent Wind will appear in Street Fighter 6’s single-player World Tour and Fighting Ground on July 24. Rashid’s onslaught of strikes sends him soaring through each battle—unless they Like and Subscribe.

Street Fighter V’s charming Rashid comes returning to find a new perspective. He intends to find the world’s fiercest fighters and document their strength after a revelation. As he becomes a YouTuber, he constantly has his camera to broadcast and film strength. Visit Rashid in World Tour to learn his moves, talk about his life, and develop your relationship with gifts and missions. Maximize your connection with Rashid to acquire Outfit 2, which his fans will recognize. 

Avatar Battles are more destructive with Rashid’s new techniques. Rashid’s “hair and bangs were a challenge and involved a lot of trial and error to get right,” according to Game Director Takayuki Nakayama. We used delicate, flapping textiles to emphasize his wind and parkour skills. As a Footuber, he wears a camera on his belt that spans over his chest, and his bracelet has a smartwatch because he loves gadgets. Air in his sandals emphasizes his lightness and parkour abilities while running and jumping. Hawk beaks decorate his gloves, shoes, and other assault gear.

Rashid still employs much of his Street Fighter V move set, but change has inspired him. Rashid can still fly over the stage, but now he can generate a hurricane. Rashid arrives in Street Fighter 6 on July 24 with a storm warning. We’ll see you then. Closes stream

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