Increase 67% Chances Of Rarity Of NFT Assets – Compare & Improve Your NFT’s Rank

Let’s not think about Rarity of NFT for a second.

The majority of NFTs within a collection may seem common, but they’re always some elements that make them certainly different.

Just tell me, when you see a picture of this bored ape, what do you see?

Your answer would probably be like this:

  • Round white hat with a blue anchor
  • White fur
  • Heart-shaped glasses
  • Golden earring
  • Wheatish Mouth with a slight mustache & eating Pizza
  • Yellow t-shirt with cyclone pink print

Now that you’ve described this ape, you’ll surely use the same or similar terminologies as traits within the properties.

What are the chances that the rank for the Rarity of NFT you just described will be impressive?

You aren’t sure, right?

I’ll tell you!

The chances of ranking this particular NFT would be lower.

Why so?

The answer is the absence of 2 important factors:

  1. Not so unique
  2. Common terminologies used
Rarity Of NFT
Bored Ape Yacht Club

How Can I Make My Rarity Of NFT Rank Better?

It’s simple!

Do the complete opposite of what the rest of the world is doing.

This means, adding both factors those were missing within your NFT traits.

Now checking the rarity of NFT in the marketplace could be extremely challenging.

Still, you could do it. This has to be done in 2 steps:

  1. Check your NFTs rank on (See if your rank isn’t so good, fix it in the next step)
  2. Apply NFT-Ti-Buy’s formula to differentiate your NFT. We help you make it unique even after its design is not so unique.

The below-given comparison will help you clear your doubts, and make you understand the recipe in a much better way.

Comparison Between Unimproved NFT Trait Ranking vs. Improved NFT Trait Ranking

Unimproved NFT Trait Rank

  • Fur: White
  • Hat: White Hat Blue Anchor
  • Eyes: Heart Glasses
  • Mouth: Wheatish Mustache Pizza
  • Clothes: Yellow Cyclone
  • Earring: Golden
  • Background: Green

Improved NFT Trait Rank

  • Fur: White
  • Hat: Seaman’s Hat
  • Eyes: Heart
  • Mouth: Bored Unshaven Pizza
  • Clothes: Tie Dye
  • Earring: Gold Stud
  • Background: Aquamarine

Some properties could get better within the unimproved properties. However, using unique and unexpected terms could stand out from your NFT. For instance, using the term ‘Seaman’s Hat’ sounds much better in comparison with ‘White Hat’ or ‘Blue Anchor Hat’.

Simultaneously, you can work on each trait in order to make every single property of your NFT unique.

Now, here’s the actual improved NFT with the trait count as 7. And ranked #17

Isn’t this amazing?

Rarity Of NFT
Rarity Of NFT – Bored Ape Yacht Club

As you can see, for every trait you get a score.

Rarity Of NFT For Rank – Advice

Writing in general descriptions and properties doesn’t seem to be proper planning for NFT.

Do not rush out.

You’ve got time to research, compare, and figure out what and how your traits could be unique from all those out there in the market.

Once your creativity is ready, do not make it public immediately on Opensea or other platforms.

Take some time to make it presentable to the world.

Rushing up means you aren’t giving enough importance to your creativity, and just trying to get rid of it and make some money.

Instead, make notes about what’s unique about your NFT. And even if it’s not too unique, still you can improve the rarity of NFT by engaging some impressive terms within as traits.

Do Not forget The Formula To Improve Rarity Of NFT

Include 2 important factors to outrank other NFTs:

  1. Design Them Unique
  2. Use Magical & Imaginary Terminologies To Make It Even Better

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