Quest 3 Controller Tracking Innovations, highlights by JayBratt.

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Today, in a new video titled “Quest 3 Controller Tracking Innovations & MORE VR NEWS,” the distinguished VR enthusiast and host, JayBratt, has provided an in-depth overview of Meta’s latest experimental features and other exciting developments in the world of virtual reality.

In a captivating and informative discourse, JayBratt delves into the details of a groundbreaking feature unveiled by Meta: Multimodal controller tracking. JayBratt reports that with the imminent release of Quest 3 on the horizon, Meta has introduced the “Multimodal” feature in update v56. This revolutionary advancement combines hand tracking and controller tracking, enabling users to simultaneously track both their hands and controllers. This breakthrough technology ensures seamless gameplay, even when utilizing just one controller and one hand. JayBratt remarks, “This Fusion will fix that and get us ready for that Quest 3 tracking.”

Furthermore, JayBratt sheds light on Meta’s upcoming event, Meta Connect, scheduled for September 27th. For the first time since 2019, the event will boast an in-person presence and will take place at Meta’s headquarters in Menlo Park. JayBratt anticipates the event will provide an insightful discourse on AI and XR innovation, culminating in the eagerly awaited revelations about Quest 3. “It’s usually a long talk about AI or metaverse XR before we finally get to the goods of what new headset is coming,” JayBratt remarks.

Adding to the excitement, JayBratt discusses Apple’s CEO Tim Cook’s recent revelation that he’s already using the Apple Vision Pro daily. Despite the device’s elusive appearance, Cook’s glowing endorsement sparks anticipation for the future of AR technology. “It’s exciting to hear that there’s that much belief in the device,” JayBratt muses.

Transitioning to the realm of VR treadmills, JayBratt casts the spotlight on Virtuix’s impressive $4.7 million investment and the anticipated shipment of a thousand new VR treadmills by year’s end. JayBratt shares his insights on the evolving landscape of VR treadmills, highlighting their potential to elevate immersion in virtual reality experiences.

Switching gears, JayBratt unveils Sony’s journey in designing the PSVR2, offering a fascinating look at the various prototypes and iterations that led to the device’s final form. JayBratt takes viewers through the evolution of tracking mechanisms, controller designs, and innovative solutions that eventually shaped the PSVR2’s design.

JayBratt also provides a glimpse into the ongoing efforts of Ivory, a company striving to enable compatibility between the PSVR2 and PCs. While the journey to achieving this compatibility is riddled with challenges, JayBratt remains hopeful for the potential expansion of the PSVR2’s user base.

In an unexpected twist, JayBratt emphasizes the burgeoning intersection of VR and fitness, an aspect often overlooked. JayBratt reflects on the integration of VR into his own fitness regimen and contemplates the broader impact of VR on the fitness industry. “Is VR still gaming for you? Do you watch movies, or is it something more?” JayBratt asks, highlighting the multifaceted nature of VR’s influence.

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