[PSVR2 Review] One Thing They Regret About Sony’s VR Headset! You Won’t Believe #4!

PSVR2 Review

PSVR2 review: The PlayStation VR 2 (PSVR2 updates) has been on the market for around six months now, and users are starting to form a clearer picture of what this virtual reality headset has to offer. In this article, we’ll delve into the journey of a PSVR2 owner, exploring the highs and lows of this VR device and whether it lives up to expectations.

The PSVR2 Updates [Release Journey]

The PSVR2, released in February of this year, boasted an impressive lineup of over 30 launch titles. While this was a commendable start, some users felt that Sony missed an opportunity by not bringing more PSVR1 titles to the new platform. In contrast, other VR headsets, like the Oculus Quest series, successfully ported older games and improved them for their newer iterations.

After the initial excitement of the launch, some PSVR2 owners found themselves with a limited selection of games that piqued their interest. As the months passed, competing VR platforms, such as PC VR and Oculus Quest, started gaining momentum with new and enticing titles like Vertigo 2 and Kill La Vive.

The Regret and Challenges

Many PSVR2 users stopped using their headset temporarily due to the lack of compelling content. While Sony initially launched the PSVR2 with a robust library, the gap between major releases left users yearning for more. The absence of AAA support and the failure to effectively utilize the headset’s strengths, such as eye tracking, further contributed to the frustration of some users.

One prominent issue plaguing the PSVR2 is the “mirror effect” or “pancake OLED lens ghosting.” This phenomenon, characterized by ghosting or blurriness in certain games, is a result of the unique pancake OLED lenses used in the headset. While not a deal-breaker for many users, it remains a noticeable annoyance.

The Silver Lining

Despite these challenges, the PSVR2 has its merits. Users have praised its unique design, comfort, and crystal-clear lenses. The headset also offers a fantastic visual experience and has exclusive titles like Gran Turismo, Horizon, and No Man’s Sky, which have kept some users engaged.

The eye-tracking feature in the PSVR2 adds an intriguing dimension to the VR experience, even though it’s not fully utilized in all games. Additionally, the affordability of the PSVR2 compared to high-end PC VR alternatives makes it an attractive choice for those looking to dive into virtual reality.

The Road Ahead

As we look ahead, it’s clear that the PSVR2 has potential, but it requires more support and development. Users are eager for more AAA titles, better utilization of the headset’s unique features, and improvements to the lens ghosting issue. Additionally, the community would benefit from social apps, a media player, and more significant involvement and promotion from Sony.

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The PSVR2 is not a bad headset by any means, and many users continue to enjoy it. However, it falls short of its potential due to a lack of support and missed opportunities. With more attention to user feedback, continued development, and a stronger game library, the PSVR2 could become a formidable competitor in the VR market. As we move forward, PSVR2 users eagerly anticipate what the future holds for their headsets and the VR landscape as a whole.

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