PS4 and PS5 Games New Releases for September 2023 Will Blow Your Mind!

PS4 and PS5 Games New Releases

Explosive PS4 and PS5 Games New Releases: PlayStation gaming, this week promises to be an exciting one for both PS4 and PS5 enthusiasts. From thrilling racing adventures to quirky culinary creations, there’s a game for every taste. Let’s dive into the highlights of this week’s PlayStation Store offerings:

1. The Crew Motor Fest (PS4 and PS5) – Release Date: September 14, 2023

Get ready for a virtual vacation on the Hawaiian paradise of Oahu in “The Crew Motor Fest.” While the island may be smaller than its predecessor’s vast United States map, it’s brimming with exciting racing lines. Transform into boats and planes on the fly and participate in themed events that transform the core gameplay. Discover if there’s an event dedicated to enjoying ham and pineapple pizza on the beach when it launches.

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2. Nor Play with Your Food (PS4 and PS5) – Release Date: September 14, 2023

Prepare to play with your food in “Nor Play with Your Food.” This culinary creation simulator allows you to experiment with over 20 virtual dishes, pushing your culinary creativity to the limit. From stacking impossible burgers to creating unique desserts, this interactive art game is sure to satisfy your gastronomic desires. Don’t forget to keep your haptic senses ready for an immersive cooking experience.

3. Eternites (PS4 and PS5) – Available Now

“Eternites” offers a unique twist on dating games by setting the stage during an apocalypse. Balancing dungeon crawling, battling mutated foes, and building bonds with fellow party members is the key to success. The stronger your connections, the better your chances of finding love in this post-apocalyptic world. Or will you prioritize survival over romance?

4. At Infinitum (PS5) – Release Date: September 14, 2023

Prepare for a chilling horror experience in “At Infinitum.” Wake up in a deserted manor house and find yourself transported to the nightmarish trenches of World War I. You’ll encounter grotesque horrors straight out of a nightmare, from snuffling blind demons to disjointed puppet attackers. This cerebral and psychological horror game will test your puzzle-solving skills as you fight for your sanity.

5. AXA Lottel (PS4 and PS5) – Release Date: September 14, 2023

In a departure from the bleak and eerie, “AXA Lottel” offers a lighthearted and adorable adventure. Take control of an axolotl armed with an AK, and embark on a mission to devour everything in your path. The more you eat, the stronger your character becomes, and the more chaotic the gameplay gets. You can even raise the next generation of axolotls in this quirky and entertaining title.

6. Mortal Kombat 1 (PS5) – Early Access: September 14, 2023; Full Release: September 19, 2023

For fans of spine-tingling, limb-rending, and face-melting action, “Mortal Kombat 1” is set to deliver all the gory hilarity you can handle. While the full release is scheduled for September 19th, those purchasing the Premium Edition can enjoy early access starting September 14th. Brace yourself for intense battles and jaw-dropping fatalities.

Don’t forget to explore the PlayStation Store’s special deals section, offering savings on a wide range of titles from blockbuster hits to indie gems. PlayStation Plus members can also look forward to exclusive deals. Additionally, the Accessibility Collection features games with diverse accessibility options, making gaming more inclusive for all.

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