September 24, 2023

How To Present Your NFT To The World? 5 Methods: Without Being In The Whitelist

Displaying your NFTs is a bit different term from that of presenting those. Generally, you display your artwork in the marketplace so you can sell and make some money out of it. If you Present Your NFT to the world, this means you’re INCREMENTING NFT’s VALUE; And generating higher demand for it without joining any whitelist community.

There are some popular and effective ways of presenting your NFTs, that’ll blow the minds.

5. DO NOT Make Your NFT Public Until You Achieve All 4 Methods Below

Rushing out to make your NFT public as soon as the creativity part is done, could result in a big mistake.

One has to make appropriate planning prior to the launch.

Generating curiosity within the interesting personalities is essential. And this could only be made possible through overlapping the visual NFTs you’ve got to offer.

Now the question is, how would you generate curiosity?

To answer this sensible query, apply the 4 effective ways mentioned below.

4. Create a Landing Page or a Dedicated Website Showcasing NFTs

To present your NFT to the world, you got to have your own space where people can come and see your creativity closely.

Some major benefits behind launching your own site to promote your NFTs are:

  • Creating brand awareness about your NFT account e.g. CryptoPunks or RulerMaker. This will set your name in the minds of the interested users or potential buyers you can say.
  • Elaborate your every NFT in detail with visual experiences to come. Each NFT should have its individual unique page and URL.
  • Let interested candidates contact you for more details.
  • Your identity gets verified as a real creator or copyright holder of the NFT collections.
  • Increase the chances of your NFT, that would be sold immediately after the launch.
  • Set the launch date, so people would get more excited to invest in your creativity.

This might be helpful for you:

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3. Build Your Strong Presence On Twitter, Instagram & Discord

Now social media could be a thorough game changer.

Whether you believe in others’ communities or not, you got to create your own community at any cost.

Display your NFTs that are upcoming in the form of highlights. This means if you’re worried about someone copying your thoughts and creativity, as they aren’t secured yet. Do not reveal your NFTs thoroughly. However, you can share a part of them, some stories related, or similar visuals to grow your community.

Remember, you’ll need genuine people to follow you, share, and communicate with you.

In order to gain real community people, you need to be real and engaging too.


2. If You’ve Got a Budget, Pay Some Emerging Influencers To Talk About Your NFT

The word of mouth is more powerful than advertising your content, out where no one cares about the new fellow.

There are thousands of NFTs in the marketplace waiting to get sold.

What’s so special about yours?

Even if it’s unique and functional, how many of them have the potential to be sold this week?

There’s surely a way to get 100s and 1000s of eyeballs over your creativity. And this could be done through influencer marketing.

Influencers could charge you a bit higher than normal branding rates comparatively. Because it’s NFT, everything about and around it is going to be expensive.

If you’ve known the influencer being an acquaintance or a friend, things are going to get easier. As you can ask the promoter to brand your NFT and get 2-3% of it straightaway.

In most cases, the influencer won’t be familiar to you anyway. Still, you can try approaching with your offer.

If you’ve got a good budget, I would recommend you to pay the NFT influencer on YouTube according to their branding rates. The way they’ll drive their audiences to your site would deliver amazing results.

No matter if no one purchases your item among their subscribers. At least you’ll be able to build a community by letting them subscribe to your email list and follow you on social media.

Arrange some giveaways or contests to keep your new audience engaged; so they revisit your handles or the site more often.

1. Launch An Official Teaser & Present Your NFT To The World

Now you’re talking!

Though your NFT collection has nothing appealing about it, still you can make them captivating.

Even though a collection of a few NFTs has nothing to do with video teasers. Still, you’ve got to present your NFT the way you want it.

The most effective method of all methods is creating and launching a video teaser in a CINEMATIC way.

This is going to generate a higher level of curiosity and demand in the market.

Being omnipresent is even better to make your collection a HERO COLLECTION. And you be the HERO CREATOR of the values.

Ensure you present your NFT teaser on YouTube, Your Official Website, and Your Social Media Handles (Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and Facebook). And significantly, your influencers ask their audience to watch and get engaged.

And this is how you can create a whitelist for your own NFTs all by yourself; Without worrying about getting your NFT in the random community-based whitelist.

Do you even know?

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