Secrets in the Pokémon Teal Mask DLC: Explosive Reveals!

Pokémon Teal Mask DLC

With the highly anticipated Pokémon Teal Mask DLC set to drop this week, trainers worldwide are gearing up for new adventures. To ensure you’re fully prepared, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you navigate this exciting expansion. Here’s everything you need to know before diving into the Pokémon Teal Mask DLC.

Release Date and Time reports that Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Mask will be released simultaneously, with Japan seeing the DLC on the morning of September 13th. For players in Europe, it’s an early morning release, while those in the Americas can expect it late at night on September 12th. Keep in mind that there may be slight variations in release times to manage server load, but overall, the global release window ensures everyone can enjoy the DLC together.

Choosing the Right Version

Ensure you choose the correct version of the DLC that corresponds to your game, as there are both Scarlet and Violet versions available. You can purchase the DLC from the eShop, but remember that it won’t unlock until the specified release time, and attempting to change your region won’t expedite the process.

Shiny Pokémon Opportunity

One highlight of the Teal Mask DLC is the introduction of a new Shiny Pokémon, Diplin. To take full advantage of this addition, capture a Shiny Applin before starting the DLC. You can find Applin in various locations, but you’ll need to shake trees to make them fall. Once you have a Shiny Applin, you can evolve it into Diplin, boasting a stunning candied apple appearance.

Take Your Time

While the DLC promises exciting content, remember that it may not provide extensive gameplay hours. Past DLCs offered approximately five to seven hours of content. Thus, our advice is simple: don’t rush. Savor every moment, explore, and immerse yourself in the new environment. You only get to experience it for the first time once.

Return of TMs and Moves

Expect the return of some Technical Machines (TMs) and moves, including Toxic, Grassy Glide, Burning Jealousy, Lash Out, and Poltergeist. Although a list of Pokémon with these moves has circulated, it remains unverified. These additions could significantly impact the competitive scene, with the second part of the DLC, Blueberry Academy, likely to influence it further.

Level Scaling Expectations

Don’t anticipate proper level scaling in this DLC. Pokémon has historically struggled with this aspect. If your team is all at level 100, the DLC may lack the challenge you desire. Consider preparing a team with varying levels to make the experience more engaging.

The Loyal Three Challenge

The loyal three appear to be Poison-type Pokémon. It might be wise to have a strong Psychic-type Pokémon in your lineup. However, don’t expect a significant challenge in this part of the DLC, as it seems more story-driven.

Mystery Gift Promotion

Take advantage of the ongoing Mystery Gift promotion, which grants you a Mew. This promotion is available for just one more week, so claim your Mew using the provided code before it expires.

Stock Up on Quick Balls

Quick Balls are an efficient way to capture Pokémon quickly. Make sure to stock up on them before embarking on your DLC adventure. Additionally, engage in money-farming activities to ensure you have enough funds for various in-game expenses.

Spoiler Alert

This is the signal to leave the article if you don’t want to see any spoilers. If you want to avoid spoilers, continue with care as we’ll briefly disclose some information that has leaked.

New Pokémon Discoveries

Leaks have surfaced about a brand-new Pokémon called Ursuluna’s Blood Moon Form, which resembles Ash-Greninja and seems to be unevolvable. To find it, you may have to engage in a particular quest or plot arc. In addition, a brand-new Pokémon named Poltergeist will appear, and it may have an actual mark much as Sinisty did. Keep an eye out for these exciting new Pokémon to add to your collection.

The anticipation is strong as the Pokémon Teal Mask DLC approaches. You can make sure that everything goes well and that you have fun by remaining informed and following our suggestions. This DLC is sure to make your Pokémon adventure more interesting, whether you’re looking for Shiny Pokémon or learning new moves. Prepare yourself to once again enter the exciting world of Pokémon, trainers.

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