September 24, 2023

Ultimate VR Showdown: Pico 4 vs. The Meta Quest 3- by PlayVRAR

Ultimate VR Showdown: Pico 4 vs. The Meta Quest 3- by PlayVRAR

Brace yourselves, virtual reality enthusiasts, as PlayVRAR, the renowned virtual reality, and augmented reality expert, has ignited a firestorm of excitement with an electrifying new video: “The Future of VR: Pico 4 vs. The Meta Quest 3“! 

PlayVRAR, the virtual reality visionary and charismatic host known for his insightful analyses, welcomes viewers back to his channel, your ultimate destination for all things VR and AR. “Welcome back to Play v-r-a-r, your source for virtual reality and augmented reality news,” he exclaims, as he sets the stage for an unforgettable VR showdown.

The video, available on YouTube, delves into the heart-pounding comparison between the Pico 4 and the much-anticipated, yet elusive, Meta Quest 3. “Should you get the Pico 4 or The Meta Quest 3? We’re gonna deep dive in and tell you some good things and some bad things about both headsets, so let’s strap up,” PlayVRAR states, luring viewers into an immersive analysis that’s as captivating as the VR worlds themselves.

Let’s talk about Quest 3 Resolution vs Pico 4 ones

Starting with the Pico 4, PlayVRAR spills the beans on this powerhouse headset. With a display resolution that can only be described as an IMAX theater strapped to your face, the Pico 4 boasts an impressive 21 by 60 pixels per eye and a 90 to 120-hertz refresh rate. “That’s like having a personal IMAX theater strapped to your face,” PlayVRAR quips with his signature humor. He compares the wide field of view to his joy at finding unexpected cash, emphasizing the Pico 4’s 105-degree horizontal and 95-degree diagonal field of view.


PlayVRAR’s vibrant commentary paints a vivid picture of the Pico 4’s features. From the ultra-light motion controllers with Jedi-like powers (minus the dark side risks) to the inside-out tracking powered by four onboard cameras. The Qualcomm Snapdragon xr2 processor fuels this marvel, ensuring seamless performance with 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage. His quirky comparison to an elephant on a memory foam mattress leaves no room for doubt – this headset is a storage beast.


But PlayVRAR’s candor shines through as he humorously deflates the Pico 4’s battery life claims, stating, “Yeah, you probably get two hours and 40 minutes, 2 hours and 30 minutes.” His engaging storytelling makes even the technical details a thrill ride.

As anticipation mounts, PlayVRAR takes viewers on a tantalizing journey into the realm of the rumored Meta Quest 3, set to debut in late 2023. With meticulous attention to detail, he conjures the unconfirmed features of the upcoming headset, infusing every sentence with his unmistakable enthusiasm.


The Meta Quest 3 is rumored to have a display of 21 by 60 pixels per eye and a refresh rate of 120 hertz,” PlayVRAR reveals, seamlessly blending informative facts with his trademark charm. The field of view, he adds, is expected to be a wide 110 to 120 degrees – wider than the gap in his teeth, he jests.


With an air of anticipation, PlayVRAR unveils the tantalizing possibilities of the Meta Quest 3’s redesigned touch controllers with a cap after sensing. His comparison to a makeover, with some elements borrowed from the Quest Pro, adds a dash of humor to the reveal. Outward-facing cameras promise seamless inside-out tracking, setting the stage for an unparalleled VR experience.

But the pièce de résistance of this analysis is the rumored Snapdragon xr2 Plus processor, armed with 12GB of RAM and up to 512GB of storage. PlayVRAR’s analogy to a hoarder’s basement ensures viewers grasp the magnitude of this storage power. And while face tracking might be missing, his elation over AI-infused controllers rings clear.

Wrapped Up

He concludes a playful commentary on his preference, a nod to the disparity between regions accessing the Pico 4. “The only problem with the Pico 4 is that you have to live in Europe… maybe you can get your hands on one and smuggle one in,” he jests. However, PlayVRAR’s choice for the Meta Quest 3 hints at insider knowledge – a playful revelation that tickles the audience’s curiosity.

Shall I get Pico 4 or wait for Quest 3?

It’s better you watch the comparison yourself, before making any decision.

Pico 4 vs Quest 3 / Meta Quest 3 vs Pico 4 Video

Coming soon: I expect you to die Pico 4

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