Watch: A word of warning by Karl, “Why people are returning Pico 4 VR Headset”?

Pico 4 VR

Pico 4 VR (Credit: Karl Gosling)

After the positive review of the Pico 4 VR headset by Karl Gosling, he is here with some of the main reasons why people are returning their Pico 4. Having checked his comments on youtube and reviews on Amazon, here are the main reasons why people are returning their pico 4 VR headsets.

The Walkabout Mini Golf

This game looks worse than when played on the quest 2 version. It could be because it is being rendered at a lower resolution since the pixels looks blocky, and the DLC needs to be included.

Wobbly Tracking Of The Headset

The headset tends to make the environment within it move with you instead of you moving within it. This may result from the program crashing and it fixes itself in one position.

Screen Door Effect

This is always unnoticeable in a day to day use unless you look for it on a plain white background. If this persists, there may be a fault with the panel itself. This could result from pixel spacing or pixel density. This could also be related to quality control issues from the manufacturers.

Pico 4 VR Headset Freezing

The problem occurs when you turn the pico 4 VR headset on, it will turn on and get stuck on the pico logo until you restart it again. This mostly happens because the software may need to be refined better; this is evident in errors in the grammar and the headset freezing when you turn it on.

Bad Lens Glare

It is most noticeable when the Pico logo starts up and doesn’t seem like a light leakage. It may be a faulty panel or faulty lenses. You can turn off your lights and see if it still happens. If not, then it is definitely light leakage.

Has A Slightly Cheaper Plastic

This is most evident with the controller, you may find one has a lower tolerance to use than the other, which may bring some squicky sounds when using them.

Battery Life

Most people complain of a shorter battery life of about an hour or top and an hour and a half as opposed to the expected three hours. If you are having such issues on the pico 4 VR headset, this may also be a result of poor quality control.


If you are still planning to try out the pico 4 VR headset, buy it from Amazon because they have a very straightforward return policy just in case you find any issues with it during your use. If you get Amazon prime, it’s even better because you will get it delivered for free.

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