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Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Clips (Credit: Blizzard Guides)

Rather than relying on the standard battle pass system, Overwatch 2 provides a unique way to unlock playable heroes including Sojourn, Kiriko, and Junker Queen.

Overwatch 2 is the definitive 5v5 battleground brawler, and it’s available for free right now. Fight your way to victory as one of more than 30 playable characters. They include a time-jumping freedom warrior and a DJ who drops beats on the battlefield.

A new meta has emerged with the debut of Overwatch 2, and players are ready to adapt (particularly Doomfist mains). The game’s hero acquisition mechanism is getting a complete overhaul. And new heroes including the Junker Queen, Sojourn, Junker, and Kiriko are being added to the multiplayer mode. There was a lot of concern about the possible outcomes, but this strategy is so smart that it ought to be the norm.

Blizzard has decided to reduce Ramattra’s level requirement in the Season 2 Battle Pass from 55 to 45. Even then, he’ll still require a lot of work before he’s ready for competitive play. Not everyone will be able to get the most out of him right away. You can always spend the one thousand Overwatch Coins to get instant access.

Overwatch 2 – MOST VIEWED Twitch Clips of The Week!

Some of the new characters are the meta-defining railgun master Sojourn, the Australian beefcake and fan artist favorite Junker Queen, and the agile support Kiriko (wait ’til you see how she rides her bike). In order to view the requirements for gaining each hero, select the “hero” tab on the “challenges” screen.

The first is the hardest and requires 35 queue wins as “all roles” or the hero’s mission (DPS for Sojourn, tank for Junker Queen, and support for Kiriko). The Overwatch 2 training grounds tasks that require you to employ every character’s talent will make you delighted.

None of these trials are particularly challenging; for example, in one, you’ll have to use Kiriko’s Swift Step to hop to a friendly bot through a wall. In another, Junker Queen’s Carnage axe must hit an opponent bot after her Jagged Blade alternate fire draws it to her. They’re basic, but they ensure players have examined all their characters’ talents and methods to use them for at least a minute.

Familiarizing With New Overwatch 2 Heroes

My displeasure with players who don’t maximize their characters in my games may come out as a rant (and perhaps I am). It’s fantastic that players are encouraged to familiarize themselves with new heroes before joining the queue. But always take each new hero to unlock the practice range for a few minutes to learn their moves and shoot.

I hope Blizzard offers a more detailed “character tutorial” that explains the game’s basics and shows quick tactics with each hero’s kit. If you’ve finished the Overwatch tutorial and played Soldier: 76, you’ll understand my goal. In a game where fighting humans is terrifying, it would be wonderful if other characters shared their worldviews and valued learning.

Even if Overwatch 2 PvE doesn’t have that, it’s a great location to practice heroes you rarely use.

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