Nike And RTFKT NFT Collaboration – Dream Sneakers Of The Metaverse

Nike NFT

Nike NFT

Nike revealed The Space Drip capsules: Dream Sneakers

‘Nike’, the sneaker giant which took its first leap into the crypto market with ‘cryptokicks’ back in 2021 after acquiring ‘RTFKT’, the startup which stoked a market for virtual sneakers, is currently making skyrocketing sales in the cryptoworld thanks to RTFKT’s massive success.

And on the 21st of May this year ,RTFKT made a big reveal to the enthusiasts and proud owners of Space drip NFTs with the exciting news of launching an epic space drip NFT collection together with ‘Nike’. The Space drips were made forgeable starting on the 27th and RTFKT announced that the forging process takes place only on 

Space drip capsule owners have until 6th of June to claim their forged sneaker NFT and once they have redeemed the space drip NFT, they will be given the chance to redeem the physical RTFKT Space Drip x Nike Air Force 1 between the 6th of June to 12th of June, to flex in real life. 

With 19 absolutely fire designs, this collab could quite possibly be Nike’s most exclusive AF ones and Space Drip NFT owners are super excited to get their hands on the physical pairs.

Nike And RTFKT NFT Collaboration - Dream Sneakers Of The Metaverse Nike RTFKT NFT

Nike RTFKT NFT Sneakers Forging Process

So if you are curious as to know how exactly the forging event unfolds, you need to follow this one highly important step and that is to consume this article to its dead end.

But first, if you are not aware of the Space Drip mission, The Space Drip is a community project launched by none other than RTFKT, the trailblazer on the crypto scene, in collaboration with Loopify. 18 talented artists designed and deployed unique collectible characters with an ‘Among Drip’ themed skin. Anyone in the community would surely know what ‘Among Drip’ is and the viral memes based on it and if not, well ‘Among Drip’ simply refers to the viral 3D render of ‘Among Us’ crewmates wearing Nike Jordan’s. On the 28th of March 2021, the Space Drip Capsules containing the characters were dropped on ‘OpenSea’ the NFT marketplace, where they are available for 0.5ETH per capsule. The release was pretty much hyped up by livestreaming the entire event of placing the characters into capsules and launching into, well where do you expect? space it is,  just an Unreal Engine generated Space. In April, RTFKT released the second batch of Space Drip Capsules, Gen 1.2 which are also sold at 0.5ETH per capsule. 

The Space Drip x Nike Air Force 1 forging event isn’t exactly the first forging event of RTFKT, their sneaker drop with FEWOCiOUS gave FEWO shoes collectors the opportunity to actually get a physical shoe as well and another forging event for CloneX users too happened where whatever wearable the CloneX avatar wears gets to be forged as a real physical garment. This time the first ever forging event in collaboration with Nike is bound to be a hit bigtime with Nike’s stellar reputation.

All the sneakerheads out there, how massive of a success do you think Nike’s first “cryptokicks” has been? Now this will blow your mind, the virtual sneaker, which is one out of the 98 rare ‘Nike Dunk Genesis cryptokicks’, designed by renowned artist Takashi Murakami, was sold for a whopping $134,000, I repeat $134,000 and It was bought by someone named AliSajwani. 

The Cryptokick which was sold for $134,000

NFT Sneakers Collection & Skins

The collection released 20,000 sneaker NFTs last April featuring some rare collectibles as well and since launching collectors have been buying them for $5000 upwards, between 1.75 to 3 ETH.  As of the 30th April the floor price is more or less around 1.42 ETH. Checkout the current floor price on OpenSea if you want one, or of course more, in your NFT collection. What’s more to the generic Dunk Genesis Cryptokick is that you can equip skin vials to get the sneaker’s final look. Owners are randomly given one out of the 8 skins which range from the most common ‘human’ skin with its fuchsia and black colorway to the rarest ‘alien’ skin which is purple & green and the NFT’s value varies according to how rare it is. To spice things up, the skin vials themselves can be sold and the owners can also “evolve” the sneaker’s skin through online quests.

With the Space Drip x Nike Air Force 1 forging event, Space Drip owners can finally wear their dream sneakers not just on the streets in AR through the Snapchat filter created for that but in real life too. However Cryptokicks holders are anticipating the introduction of the kicks to the metaverse and online games such as Fortnite and GTA6.

Cryptokicks in AR using the Snapchat filter

Claim Your Physical Sneakers Too

Now for the redemption process, you just have to pay 0.333 ETH to get your sneaker NFT forged to a real-life version. If you are not so sure how exclusive the sneakers really are, well RTFKT skin vial technology lets your limited-edition sneaker skins ‘evolve’ and choose drip upgrades and powers, it allows your sneakers to ‘breed’ and even ‘load up thousands of skins’ to your cryptokicks. The first skin Vial tech collection, EVO X features 8 CloneX DNA based evolutive skins for your exclusive sneaker NFTs. 

So if you’re planning on getting your hands on an exclusive physical RTFKT× Nike Air Force One, first thing you need to do is own at least one Space Drip NFT and that you can do by visiting the OpenSea site. If you are already a Space Drip NFT holder you should redeem it by logging in to before the 6th of June. If you are buying a Space Drip from secondary you must check the Redemption checker on the site to make sure that it is still eligible and has not been already claimed. Also you must keep in mind that the status may change between the time of checking and buying. And most importantly no one is allowed to claim multiple Sneakers with one NFT because one Space Drip NFT equals only one Space Drip×Nike Air Force 1.

Conclusion On Nike RTFKT NFT

To wrap things up, RTFKT’s digital innovations and collaborations with exceptional artists and its futuristic visions have undoubtedly paved the way to merge the worlds of Virtual reality, Augmented reality and of course Reality.

Stay tuned with us for more exciting crypto news and answers to all that you are curious about.

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