September 24, 2023

6 Top NFT Marketplaces in Pakistan Are Highly Popular

NFT, non-fungible tokens, are unique tokens that can not be replicated. NFT can be digital or physical art. But the digital form of NFT has taken over the world since last year. Now, what are the Best NFT Marketplaces In Pakistan?

You might have heard of several platforms, but the ones used in Pakistan are Paknance, Opensea, and 4 more marketplaces; that is extremely popular to start selling your valuable NFTs.

NFT has sold on NFT marketplaces for millions of dollars. A single NFT of Beeple sold for $69 million. This NFT was the collage image of Beeple’s first 5000 days series of arts. The sale of this NFT took the NFTs to another level. NFTs have started getting recognized on media platforms. This sale sparked an “NFT fever,” with Google searches for “NFT”, particularly popular in Asia and the United States. However, digital tokens are not new. The sales development of CryptoKitties – a project that incorporates randomly generated portraits of cats – can be traced back to 2017, making it one of the oldest NFTs.

NFT has become the present of the digital world. It will be more effective in the future.

Generally, NFT is a bitcoin-type digital technology. But precisely, it is more secure and unique than bitcoins. NFT is recorded in the Ethereum blockchain, and no one can change their information by hacking the system. You could not exchange NFTs like bitcoins because each NFT has unique traits. You can exchange it only if it has the same value.

If you want to know about top NFT marketplaces in Pakistan, keep reading.

6 Top NFT Marketplaces in Pakistan

NFT can be traded on different platforms. There are a lot of platforms for selling and buying NFT around the world. Most of the NFT marketplace is working globally. You can buy and sell NFT from any corner of the earth.

The main difference between marketplaces is that each marketplace trades a specific type of NFTs.

List of 6 top NFT marketplaces in Pakistan.

1. Paknance

Paknance is a famous marketplace in Pakistan because it is the first-ever NFT marketplace in the country. Paknance is a marketplace designed exclusively for NFTs and is a project of Multi Tech Solutions LLC in Houston, Texas. The platform is built for cryptocurrency users, digital artists, and digital art / NFT fans to communicate and promote their passions while following a fair trade policy that ensures that no consumer’s rights are violated. We encourage digital artists to explore their passion for ideas while benefiting from their work.

Paknance is a marketplace for those who wish to sell and buy NFTs and promote the culture of NFTs in Pakistan so that people will be more interested in this subject and will be more reliable. NFTs are purchased and traded using digital currencies.

Paknance’s major aim is to promote the local communities around us, including digital artists, creators, investors, buyers, dealers, and everyone else interested in creating digital assets for the future. They can emerge with a completely different perspective and a dependable platform.


  • Providing opportunities to Pakistani artists
  • You can create NFT on the platform


  • The company is in the developing phase

2. Foundation

The foundation was founded in 2020 and is situated in the United States. The Foundation describes itself as a “creative playground,” with a $79 million trade turnover. The marketplace has already hosted several notable sales, including the NFT renowned meme of the Nyan Cat.

The NFTs of the Foundation work with digital artists, crypto natives, and collectors. The foundation’s goal is to promote cultural and oppressed voices. Artists primarily interested in digital art must build a profile and apply for an Upvote Program on the site, where the community will vote and accept applications.


  • Easy UI: Foundation offers a clear interface that is simple to use and explore.
  • Royalty: After the first sale, creators get 10% royalties for any sale.
  • Popular Auctions: Auctions generate a lot of buzz and FOMO, allowing producers to make a little more than expected.
  • Fewer NFTs: The platform is so picky in choosing NFTs, making it simpler for creators to see their work.


  • ETH: ETH is the only currency used on the platform.
  • Service Fee: Artists pay a 15% commission fee when selling their artwork on the platform.

3. OpenSea

OpenSea claims of being the world’s largest NFT marketplace launched in 2018. Art, censorship-resistant domain names, virtual worlds, trade cards, sports, and collectibles are among the non-fungible tokens available. ERC721 and ERC1155 assets are included. Axies, ENS names, CryptoKitties, Decentraland, and other unique digital assets are available for purchase, sale, and discovery. They have approximately 700 projects, from trading card games to collectible games to digital art projects and naming systems such as ENS (Ethereum Name Service).

With OpenSea’s item minting tool, creators can build their blockchain things. It allows you to create a collection and NFTs without writing a single line of code. You may get added to OpenSea if you’re creating your smart contract for a game, digital collectible, or another project with unique digital objects on the blockchain.

Many celebrities use the platform, including Mark Cuban, Logan Paul, and others.


  • Competitive Commissions: OpenSea only charge 2.5% commission.
  • Large Variety of NFT Collectibles: It has a large collection of NFTs.
  • Industry-leading Security: It is the most secure NFT marketplace.


  • Payment: Only accepts payments in cryptocurrency
  • Wallet for Trading: It requires a crypto wallet to buy and sell on the platform

4. Rarible

Rarible is a community-owned NFT marketplace whose “owners” are ERC-20 RARI token holders. Rarible rewards active users who purchase or sell on the NFT marketplace with the RARI token. Every week, it delivers 75,000 RARI.

Art assets are given special attention on the platform. Rarible allows creators to “mine” fresh NFTs to sell their works, whether books, music albums, digital art, or movies. The designer can even reveal a sneak glimpse of their masterpiece to anybody who visits Rarible, but only the purchaser will get the whole product.

Rarible is a platform that buys and sells NFTs in various areas, including art, photography, games, metaverses, music, domains, memes, and more.


  • NFT Creation: It allows users to buy and sell NFT. It also allows to the creation of NFT.
  • Payment: It allows to pay through credit card, debit card and Google pay besides ETH currency.
  • Rarible Community: You can connect with the community through social accounts.


  • Fee: Charge 2.5% from both buyer and seller
  • ETH Crypto: You can only withdraw and deposit money in the form of ETH Crypto


How To Flip NFTs With a Little Money On Opensea Or Rarible?

5. Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway is a renowned NFT marketplace where digital artists and celebrities such as Beeple, Pak, Daniel Arsham, and Grimes have sold artwork. Gemini, a regulated and safe crypto exchange, runs the website, which is regarded as a high-end marketplace because it collaborates with well-known producers and businesses.

Nifty Gateway is distinct because it allows creators to gain a percentage of secondary market sales. As a result, if someone buys your NFT, you’ll get a percentage of the sale. Nifty Gateway also offers “open editions,” which allow artists to print an infinite number of copies of their work for a limited time.


  • UI: Ui of the platform is attractive and super easy.
  • Collection: There is a wide range of NFT collections on the platform.


  • Payment: The payment only to a US bank.

6. BakerySwap

BakerySwap is a Binance Smart Chain automated market maker (AMM) and decentralized exchange (DEX). A native BakerySwap token is used (BAKE). BakerySwap is a multi-functional crypto hub that includes a crypto launchpad, a non-fungible token (NFT) supermarket, and various decentralized financing (DeFi) services.

Its NFT supermarket sells digital art, meme contests, and NFT in games, all of which may be purchased using BAKE tokens. You can earn bonus BAKE tokens by using NFTs in ‘combo meals.’ Additionally, minting and selling your artwork is straightforward and uncomplicated.


  • Potential: The platform is in progress, so there are many potentials.
  • Other Features: The feature of the Farming technique is available.


  • High Trading: Users may find trading very high.

Conclusion On Top Marketplaces In Pakistan

These are the top six NFT marketplaces in Pakistan that are so popular. Most of them are working around the globe. The NFT market in Pakistan is still growing. That’s why the country-specific platforms for NFT are negligible. But we are sure that you will find more and more platforms and artists in the future.


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