September 24, 2023

10 Top NFT Games Play to Earn

In recent years, NFT and NFT games have become so famous. The number of users is increasing massively. Play to earn games are in very high demand in the NFT world. This post looks at the top 10 NFT games played to earn. 

Why are these games in high demand?

The main reason for their popularity is the earning of cryptocurrency with little investment. You can earn money while playing NFT games. It is the reason for their high demand. You can make passive income with entertainment.

Continue reading if you are looking for top 10 play to earn NFT games.

10 Best NFT Games Play to Earn

NFT games are unique and blockchain-based technology games. All the games have something in common: the collection of assets in the game ecosystem. However, the type and scale of the assets vary with the game and playing field. It depends upon the users which game world fits their skills.

There are a variety of NFT games. Here we are listing the top 10 plays to earn NFT games.

1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity played a major role in NFT growth. It is the most important game of blockchain that has ever been created. It is probably the most famous game in play to earn a game list. It’s been streaming live.

Axie Infinity is like a pokemon game. You trade and breed the fantasy creature called axie in the game. Gamers use axie to explore the World of Lunacia.

This game is also famous for its adorable, small, and fluffy features known as access, and these lovely animals will be one-of-a-kind and differ in many respects, such as strength, jeans, etc.

In 2018, Axie launched in the market. You can make money by trading this axie. The objective of playing the game is to collect more and more axie.

2. Sorare

Sorare is another famous fantasy football game on blockchain technology. Players buy, sell, and trade their virtual players using real player cards in this game. Users can collect and trade cards.

Players select a team of 5 players, and a captain and enter them into weekly competitions. You select players and collect rewards based on their performance in the game in the competitions. These rewards are cards of four types common, rare, super rare and unique.

Players can sell the cards to other players at the NFT marketplace. These cards are licensed officially.

This unique football game already has 200 football clubs, including Liverpool and Real Madrid.

3. Evolution Land

Evolution Land is a cross-chain game that is based on Defi+NFT. In this game, there are 26 continents. Each continent is hosted on a different blockchain, first on the Atlantis continent. Four continents have been based on the Ethereum blockchain so far.

This game is completely different from other NFT games. You buy land, drill on it using different tools and build architecture on the land. You can also hire other users to work on your land.

You can earn by selling your land on the open-source market. Landowners can also earn commissions from apostles and mining tools on the land.

4. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a free to play competitive card game based on blockchain. Players must create formidable decks and employ combat techniques to outsmart their opponents. Players in Gods Unchained have full ownership of all in-game assets, which means they can trade, sell, and use their cards in any way, just like actual cards.

A reputable game company Immutable X created God’s Unchained game. This company has a history of making popular games. In 2019, gamers invested $87 billion in assets. But they get zero in return.

5. CryptoKitties

Dapper Lab, a Canadian studio, developed the CryptoKitties game based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the most famous game in the NFT world. You can imagine how this game release slows down the Ethereum network due to massive transactions. There are a lot of new games on the blockchain, but CrytoKitties is still alive after four years of its release.

CrytoKitties allows you to collect virtual cats which you can purchase, sell, and breed. You can progress in the game by doing extra tasks like solving puzzles. 

CrytoKitties owner detail can record on the Ethereum blockchain. They are stored as NFT on blockchain following the ERC-721 standard.

6. Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a card game, and it is free to play. Gamers can earn when they win a game.

To play the game, you must purchase a starter pack of cards. Then you show your card at Splinterlands for playing the game. Most of the time, there are similar cards. If you have purchased multiple similar cards, you can use them to boost or sell them to return cryptocurrency. You may get rare if you are lucky enough.

7. The Sandbox 3D

The Sandbox 3D was previously released in 2012 and relaunched in 2021. It was one of the most anticipated NFT games. This game is based on the play to earn games model, allowing players to earn by playing the game.

This metaverse game facilitates users to monetize their time, create land, and earn $SAND tokens. These tokens can convert to cryptocurrency.

8. Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a Wax Blockchain-based game. This game has a universe of six worlds. Each world consists of 500 plots. Players as NFTs own these plots. It also consists of click mining and staking TLM. a player can earn Trillium and convert it to Binance Smart Chain. Using the staking system, you can earn more Trillium.

A player can use tools for mining and earning TLM with a WAX account. The final result depends upon different factors.

A landowner earns when someone mines on his land. The standard fee is 20%, but owners can offer mining at lower rates.

9. RaceFi

RaceFi is a car racing game based on the Solana ecosystem. It is the first AI/ML cars game. The opportunities for earning in RaciFI are unlimited. Gamers can earn by playing various gaming modes such as pure race and battle race, racers or gambler, and PvP and PvE.

You can earn a profit by purchasing an in-game property. A player can also own other assets in RaceFi: gas stations, racing tracks, cars, garages and billboards.

10. Phantom Galaxies

Blowfish Studios and Animoca Brands develop phantom Galaxies. Robot and Mech fantasy of the 80s is an inspiration for its storyline.

Phantom Galaxies is a blockchain-based game that is strongly integrated with NFTs. It is a paid game, and you must have an avatar to play it. Different avatars are available at different prices. The game allows you to buy ships, avatars, mechs, and equipment.


To summarise the topic, we listed the top ten NFT games played to earn. You can play these games to earn. You can profit from this gameplay by purchasing properties in the game. Players will pay you using your virtual gameplay lands. NFT gameplays are still developing. We will see much more advancement in the future.

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