’50 is just the beginning, New VR Games in 2023 have a lot more’, says PowerOnVR

New VR Games

New VR Games (Credit: PowerOnVR)

PowerOnVR surely made the gaming community excited with anticipation of the New VR games in 2023, which are all set to create new benchmarks when it comes to VR-based gaming! With the leading game developers now focusing on entering the VR arena, as PowerOnVR said, 50 is not a big enough number, as there are countless more VR games on the way!

Some time ago, when Resident Evil Village was announced for VR, the gaming community surely realized that it was finally time when AAA games would start being developed for VR systems as well. The technological advancements in the gaming industry have also made it possible for developers to create quality VR games that do not just seem like pretty and half-cooked game demos but rather be complete and thorough experience that leaves an impact and takes the VR industry forward.

Though it seemed like something distant, as PowerOnVR mentioned, we might finally be getting the crazy online fun of Fortnite on VR as well. Imagining all the multiplayer fun of Fortnite on VR seems surreal and to imagine playing for hours on end in an immersive manner because of the VR headsets, it seems like the long-awaited future is finally here for gamers.  The Stranger Things VR title is also something to look out for, given most of us are fans of the fun series.

Quality was always a concerning factor when it came to VR games, but 2023 is about to fix all the shortcomings that have persisted in the VR segment. Of course, not all the announced and expected titles will release in 2023, but we can expect that many of these interesting VR games will release and provide a new experience to all, just as PowerOnVR also expects.

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