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Today, the host of this gaming extravaganza, none other than the charismatic Ash from PlayStation Access, took center stage to unveil the captivating lineup.

New PS4 & PS5 Games This Week,” Ash’s enthusiastic voice echoed as he kicked off the broadcast. The gaming community was instantly captivated by the promises of adventure, innovation, and exhilaration that this week’s releases held.

The week’s spotlight began with Atlas Fallen, a game that promises to immerse players in a world where sun gods and sand reign supreme. As Ash eloquently put it, players will wield a gauntlet that empowers them to summon massive weapons, crafting their unique fighting style as they soar through the air and glide across mesmerizing dunes. “Journey meets angsty teenage years,” Ash aptly compared, as players embark on a co-op journey to overthrow the sun god’s tyranny.

Transitioning seamlessly, Ash introduced Tower of Fantasy 2, a cyberpunk-infused realm juxtaposed against a desert backdrop. He described this open-world masterpiece as an artistic playground that melds various influences into a captivating universe. With the freedom to venture alone or collaborate with online friends, players can wield special weapons and unlock characters in a gacha-like system reminiscent of Genshin Impact. The game’s free-to-play status on both PS4 and PS5 undoubtedly adds to its allure.

Amidst this RPG extravaganza, the spotlight then shifted to the unexpected but delightful Stray Gods: The Role-Playing Musical. Ash’s excitement was palpable as he introduced a game where choices aren’t just decisions but verses in a musical narrative. Set in a modern fantasy realm intertwined with Greek mythology, this game boasts a formidable lineup of talents, including the renowned storyteller David Gaider, musical genius Austin Wintory, and a star-studded voice cast. Stray Gods promises to strike all the right chords as it makes its grand debut on both PS4 and PS5.

But the excitement didn’t end there, as Ash reminded viewers of the ongoing Summer Sale, a treasure trove of discounts and deals. Iconic titles like Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut and the Raccoon City Edition were up for grabs, with savings reaching up to a whopping 75% off. The thrill of the tarmac awaited speed enthusiasts with a heart-pounding 70% discount on Need for Speed Unbound, while the strategic brilliance of XCOM 2 was made irresistible with an astounding 95% discount.

In closing, Ash urged gamers to explore the comprehensive Accessibility Collection, designed to celebrate inclusivity within the gaming world. The grand finale arrived as Ash reiterated that all these gaming wonders could be explored and purchased at the store.playstation.com, ensuring that both PS4 and PS5 users could partake in the excitement.

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