Naraka: A battle royale from Bladepoint is on the way

Naraka: A battle royale from Bladepoint

PlayStation tweeted “ With the release of Naraka: Bladepoint on July 13, a legendary, melee-focused martial arts combat royale will be available on the PS5.” We’re excited to bring our melee-focused martial arts battle royale game, Naraka: Bladepoint, to PlayStation 5.

Naraka: Bladepoint is the ultimate 60-player PVP action combat game. In this battle royale, participants must learn quick-fire physical fighting to survive. The struggle between the ancient gods Sunwing and Moonbane starts everything in Naraka. Their fight created the powerful Immortal Mask. Temulch, the meadow Grey Wolf, the famous monk Tianhai from another land, the blind blademaster of Yushan, Viper Ning, and others fight mortals in the game. The roaster has 16 heroes and is growing. These heroes have great skills and some of our most appealing character designs. Master talents let you beat your opponents with style.

We created a colorful, versatile battlefield. Climb and fight Eastern structures. Temples, cities, mines, streams, wildflowers, and butterflies make an immersive universe. This system makes you a competent swordsman. You need to be more masterful. Over the past two years, our community has produced several beautiful combos, such as the “Katana Grapple Combo,” which combines grapple attacks with Katana attacks. 

We enhance the PS5 DualSense controller’s control to allow any combination. Aim pilots help gamers use grapples better. They may easily shoot at their opponent’s body or the ground. Action games often use auto-turnaround, which we added. SSD improvement improved PS5 loading times and frame rates. 

The best part is that nothing will take longer to happen. The PlayStation 5 version will be accessible in North America starting July 13. We also wanted to give patient PlayStation fans a welcome gift from the development team. PS5 owners get a Katana skin, Ryuzan’s Frost Reflection, and two Immortal Treasures. PlayStation Plus members gain 5 extra Treasures, a great PS Plus-exclusive Headwear, and more. 

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