September 24, 2023

“Meta’s Unreal Engine Support Under the Spotlight: A Comparison between ‘Rift’ and ‘Quest’ Eras”

'Rift' and 'Quest' Eras

Developers need platforms like Meta (previously Facebook) to support game development engines as technology advances. The ‘Rift era’ to the ‘Quest era’ has changed Unreal Engine support for experienced Meta/Quest developers. Meta’s Unreal Engine support during the “Rift era” was solid yet had several issues.

However, developers had limited access to tools and resources for creating high-quality VR experiences. The ‘Rift period’ focused on PC-based virtual reality, and developers had to optimize their games for high-end technology, which limited their audience. The “Quest era” has caused a paradigm shift. Developers and players gained new chances with the Oculus Quest standalone VR devices. The Quest’s untethered capabilities let users to roam without being attached to a PC or external sensors, increasing content uptake and demand.

Meta has improved its Unreal Engine compatibility in the “Quest era” to accommodate this change. Developers now have Quest-specific tools, documentation, and performance upgrades. Dynamic resolution scaling and better asset management allow developers to create visually attractive experiences that run seamlessly on the Quest’s hardware.
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Meta has also simplified Oculus Store submission and clearance for Unreal Engine-based games. More developers have joined the platform, creating a diversified VR content ecosystem. The ‘Quest era’ of Meta’s Unreal Engine support has opened new avenues for developers, but performance management for a mobile-centric platform remains a difficulty. The company’s dedication to the VR community and creators bodes well for Meta ecosystem Unreal Engine development.

Meta’s support for Unreal Engine has increased in the “Quest era,” making it easier for developers to create virtual reality experiences. Meta and Unreal Engine will change VR gaming and immersive experiences for developers and consumers as technology advances.

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