“Meta Quest VR’s presence platform hackathon was incredible”, says David Urrutia

Meta Quest VR headsets

“Meta Quest VR’s first Presence Platform Hackathon was an incredible event where we built a mixed reality music recommendation experience on Quest Pro headsets using cutting-edge immersive features like AR pass-through, scene understanding, and spatial audio”, says David Urrutia. In this event, the capabilities of the Meta Quest pro-VR headset were explained.

The Meta Quest Pro is the first piece of innovative headgear in a brand-new range of wearable technology that is designed to improve the potential of virtual and mixed reality. The pancake lenses on the headset reduce the amount of light entering them by a significant amount, which results in overall more compact dimensions and sharper views. The redesigned, curved battery that is located on the back of the Meta Quest Pro headset contributes to the overall more ergonomic and balanced design of the headset.

As a result of its high-resolution outward-facing cameras, our first full-color mixed reality device, the Meta Quest Pro, has four times as many pixels as its predecessor, the Meta Quest 2. Imagine the possibilities that will become available once the digital and real worlds can finally speak with one another in a way that does not require you to bend over awkwardly to see what’s on your phone. This image demonstrates the high-resolution external cameras that are included with the Meta Quest Pro.

In addition, it is the first headset we have developed with built-in inward-facing sensors, which allow for the recording of authentic facial expressions and eye tracking. Your avatar will act in the same manner that you do, whether you raise an eyebrow, smile, or simply make eye contact with another person. All of these things contribute to an increased sense of social presence, which may be defined as the feeling that no matter where in the world you are, you are right there with someone. To sum up, we can say these headsets are amazing and details about them were given in Meta Quest VR’s presence platform hackathon for the first time.

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