Techisode TV finally reveals “Everything No One Told You About The Meta Quest Pro”: Watch

Meta Quest Pro

Meta Quest Pro (Credit: Techisode TV)

There are several questions you must have concerning the new meta quest pro. Does it support 4VA rendering? Does the 90 Hertz display look awful? How’s the battery life? Is it worth gaming? Is the screen clean enough to comfortably do work in a VR environment? Techisode TV finally reveals how really worth Meta Quest Pro is.

What’s Inside The Box

The meta quest pro box has 2 controllers, A meta quest pro

headset, a charging dock for charging both the headset and the controllers, light blockers, a charging brick, a USB C charging cable, a stylers tip, a manual, and a cleaning cloth.

A Closer Look At The Headset

The meta quest pro headset has a glossy surface with three sensors on the front and two on the sides. On the sides, it has a USB-C port for charging. There are also 2 audio jacks, each one on the sides of the headset. The up and down button is also on one side of the headset, with the power button on the other.

You get your charge pins on the bottom, just below the lenses. If you reach the headset’s top, you will get a wheel to adjust how well the headset will rest on your face. It also has an adjusting wheel for tightening or loosening the headset.

The Accessories

The meta quest pro has a silicon cover that protects the front sensors. The 2 blinders also install very quickly and have labels on each side to help locate which side fits each. The charging dock also comes with a USB C charging port on the side, once you have connected the dock to the power, all you have to do is align the two controllers to the charge points, which will connect immediately. This process also applies to the headset. Once you align it to the charging dock, it will start charging.

Meta Quest Pro Virtual Quality

Once you are in the virtual home environment on the meta quest pro, some of the instant things you notice are the clarity; everything looks incredible. Things that far seem less fuzzy and blurry compared to quest 2. You also get a detailed look at much closer things. The color depth is also very premium and vibrant, which adds to the realism of the meta quest pro. In addition, everything looks much smoother, keeping in mind that this is a 90 Hertz display and not 120 Hertz.

Controller Upgrades

The haptic feedback in these new controllers is crisper, and the vibrations feel linear. The sensitivity on the trigger has also been upgraded with the ability to move your finger back and forth.

Actual IPD Levels

The IPD levels aren’t shown on the meta quest pro when you record through the headset. However, when you record through the lenses with a phone, you find that the widest you can go is 71, and the closest you can go is 59. This is, however, smaller than the meta gives us.

Eyeglasses Test

There is a lot of space between the eyeglass lenses and those of the headset, making it easier to use your headset with the glasses. The blinders also feel more comfortable when you wear them with glasses.

Gaming Test

There is little difference when you compare gaming the beat saber on the meta quest pro and quest 2. The smoothness is of top quality, which applies to other games like Red Matter 2.

Battery Life

You will get about two and a half hours of battery life when using meta quest pro, regardless of which application you use.

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