September 24, 2023

Mike says, Considering meta quest pro review has revealed some unexpected facts: Watch

meta quest pro review

meta quest pro review (Credit: Virtual reality - Mike)

This meta Quest Pro review has revealed a mixed bag and not what Mike expected for such a premium-priced product which goes for $1499. Here is what you need to know about this product.

What comes in the box

Inside the box, you get;

  • The Quest Pro headset
  • 2 Quest Pro controllers
  • A charging dock
  • 2 meter USB C to USB C cable
  • 1 meter USB C charging cable for the single pro controller
  • Protective cover for the front of the headset
  • 2 soft rubber light blockers
  • Cleaning cloth
  • A start guide
  • Styler’s tip for controller
  • Headset cable clip

Everything inside the box feels premium; however, the box itself feels pretty cheap. The 2-meter USB C cable is very short and can only be used for charging. On the other hand, the meta quest pro headset is of high quality with a super slick futuristic looking, a glass front face play, and three unique cameras.


The headset guides you on the setup when you turn it on for the first time. However, the meta quest pro can be easily moved around, providing an acclaimed IPD range of between 55 and 65 mm. When adjusting the lenses, you are only shown the value between 59 and 79mm, making it harder to know the best setting. The free movement of the headset also makes it easy to be accidentally moved when removing the headset, which forces you to get them every time you want to use them again.

Battery Life

The meta quest pro can last about 2 and a half hours of use; however, you can extend the battery life by turning off the eye and face tracking, which you can do in the system menu. Charging the headset takes around 2hrs which can be done with the USB C cable or placed in the provided charging dock.


Mike’s experience with the meta quest pro in terms of comfort could have been more pleasing. He says he felt some headaches after using the headset. The discomfort comes from the headset design. On the other hand, the weight balance is commendable due to the batter being placed at the back of the head strap. However, the weight distribution at the front is directly placed on the forehead.


The passthrough from meta quest pro could look better compared to Pico 4, which is 3 times cheaper. It is grainy, with white objects looking overexposed. It also has a strange-looking warping effect when moving your arms around.

However, unlike the Pico 4, the meta quest pro can be used for mixed reality, where the quest pro starts to shine. Mixed reality games like ‘i expect you to die’ and ‘Demio’ is impressive to play here.

Display And Lenses

The display of Quest 2 and the meta quest pro are similar, especially since quest pro runs up to 120 Hertz. What stands out are the lenses. They are clear, meaning they are from reduced glare and good rays compared to traditional Fresnel lenses. They also have a very good edge-to-edge clarity, although you will experience some distortion.

Native Vr Games

Meta quest pro is primarily designed for business and mixed-reality applications. It can play native VR games as it can access VR stores on Quest 2. You can enjoy games like Resident Evil 4 VR and Rd ed Meta 2.

PC VR Games

PC VR on the meta quest pro has the same setup as Quest 2, meaning you can use a link cable or virtual desktop to play wirelessly. However, you must join the public test channel on the Oculus desktop when using the link cable. This is because it needs to support quest pro in its current public build. It also supports WIFI, although it will be enabled in 2026.


When tried the Metazone productivity app called the Horizon Workrooms, it took a lot of time to figure out how to set up a room, meet up and collaborate. You must also download the desktop application and install it on your PC before you can be invited to the workspace.

Eye Face Tracking

It has a built-in eye and-face interaction to provide a more realistic social interaction. Your eye gaze and facial movement are translated into your avatar in real-time. You can raise your eyebrows, puff up your cheeks, and be sad or happy. This tech is, however, limited to use by those who use meta avatars.


The meta quest pro has some amazing speakers built into the head strap, it is an improvement of the Quest 2. It has very clear audio with a lot of low-end presence, which sounds fantastic. They also have an earbud audio accessory that plugs directly into both headphone jacks.


Each controller features a snapdragon 662 processor with three sensors for inside-out tracking. You can put the headset on your back and be fully tracked since they don’t rely on the headset to track them. The rechargeable batteries last about 8hrs of use before needing to be recharged. However, as much as they are good, they are highly-priced, with a pair going for $300, which is too much.

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