Meta Quest Added two new tracks to “The Weeknd’s” and “Beat Saber” music pack! 

Meta Quest added new tracks to music pack

Meta Quest tweeted “ @theweeknd’s @BeatSaber music bundle has been updated with the addition of two new tracks. Download “DieForYou” featuring Ariana Grande and “Less Than Zero,” or purchase the whole “The Weeknd Music Pack” with all 12 songs right now.” The Weeknd and Beat Saber have worked together to release two new tracks, one of which features a powerful collaboration with Ariana Grande!

Los Angeles, CA – The Weeknd and Beat Saber, the phenomenon that is a virtual reality rhythm game, have teamed up once more to provide fans with an exhilarating song pack. This thrilling collaboration comprises two brand new tunes, “DieForYou (Featuring ArianaGrande),” and “LessThanZero,” both of which are certain to captivate gamers with their addictive beats and engrossing gameplay.

Because this is the first time The Weeknd and Ariana Grande have collaborated on a song, the addition of “DieForYou (Featuring Ariana Grande)” is a momentous occurrence in the annals of music history. This widely anticipated collaboration highlights the extraordinary vocal skills of both singers and when combined with Beat Saber’s cutting-edge virtual reality experience, the result is a mix of music and gaming that is without precedent.

In addition, “LessThanZero” takes gamers on a musical excursion via the distinctive sound that is associated with The Weeknd. This song, with its pulsing rhythm and captivating melodies, is sure to test the players’ abilities to the fullest as they attempt to cut through the blocks in time with the music.

Fans can now download these two electrifying tracks individually, or for the most immersive gaming experience possible, they may enjoy the whole 12-song TheWeeknd MusicPack. This expansion is a must-have for everyone looking for an exhilarating blend of music and virtual reality, regardless of whether you are a die-hard fan of Beat Saber or are new to the game.

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