September 24, 2023

According to BMFVR, ‘these 29 meta quest 2 games will get you excited in 2023’

meta quest 2 games

meta quest 2 games (Credit: BMFVR)

BMFVR recently informed the gaming community about the 29 meta quest 2 games that will release this year in 2023, which should get the gamers excited! Though the list of these upcoming games is a long one, let us tell you about the titles which we find most interesting.

Drop Dead The Cabin: Imagine a fun game similar to CoD Zombies. That is Drop Dead The Cabin! It isn’t a static VR shooter like other games but rather one of the dynamic meta quest 2 games that will be a fun wave-based zombie shooter for all.

Arcade Legend: Arcade Legend will be another fun “create your own game” kind of meta quest 2 games that should be a fun time-killer.

Prison Simulator: Be a prison guard and choose whether you’ll be the “bad cop or the good cop”.

Batman VR: Be the Knight and Bruce Wayne in this meta quest 2 game.

Mask Maker: A kind of mysterious yet interesting title that’ll hold your attention!

The Light Brigade: Use guns and the power of light in this shooter game for meta quest 2.

Stranger Things VR: Experience the upside-down world in this VR title as the monster Vecna!

Hubris: Explore the vast space along with a good story in this title for VR!

Behemoth: A puzzle-based interactive game with a lot to see and explore.

Call of the Sea: Explore the waters and the world around, you in this meta quest 2 titles.

Peaky Blinders VR: Experience the dominance of the Peaky Blinders in this VR title that is sure to leave you wanting more!

Killer Frequency: You have to stop a killer in this creepy yet interesting meta-quest 2 game that’ll be out soon.

29 Meta Quest 2 Games For You To Play In 2023

The complete list of games that BMFVR talked about is the following:

  • Drop Dead: The Cabin
  • Arcade Legend
  • Prison Simulator
  • Batman VR
  • Mask maker
  • The Light Brigade
  • Stranger things VR
  • Hubris
  • Behemoth
  • Call of the sea
  • Divine Duel
  • Breachers
  • Ghost signal
  • Ghostbusters VR
  • Hellsweeper
  • Dysinchronia
  • Everslaught invasion
  • Colossal cave
  • Walking Dead Saints & Sinners 2
  • Peaky Blinders VR
  • Gambit
  • Compound
  • Killer Frequency
  • The last worker
  • Ziggys cosmic adventure
  • Propagation paradise hotel
  • Helisquad
  • Unknown: GTA & Assassins Creed VR

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