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meta oculus quest

5 things you must do with meta oculus quest

The feeling you get when you first put on your VR headset for the first time will always blow your mind. This is because it takes you to an entirely new world, shares Samuel Jones. This is no different with Meta oculus quest 2. Here are the things you should check first when you get your hands on this VR.

Jump On The Pre-installed App “First Steps.”

This is not the best game, but it will give you the best feel of all of the capabilities of the VR and how to get control of the controllers, like the simple games of how to stack blocks, play with the remote control blimp, dance with the robot or try out some of the shooting games and how they are.

Try Some Free Games

There are many games you can try on, some of which are free, and some can be bought. Some games you can try are Beat Saber and Superhot VR. These are paid-for games, but they are really good and can help you get acquainted with gaming with VR. However, there are also some free games you can try out, like Echo Combat VR, it’s essential for kids, but you can try it out.

The Social Apps

Social apps contribute a huge pack of what makes Meta Oculus good. You can choose apps like VR chat, Horizon Worlds and Rec Room. These social apps have many pre-installed games you can play with friends and strangers worldwide.

You can enjoy yourself if you get into a social app with people of your same age, and you can laugh. Chat and engage in jokes to pass the time.

If you want to hang out with a friend and feel like leaving the house, you can connect with a friend with the Meta Oculus quest 2 and hang out in the comfort of your home.

Try The VR Experiences On Offer

There are also different apps that you can enjoy on this VR. You can try Youtube VR, where you can watch normal youtube videos on the Meta Oculus Quest 2. There are also other apps like 360 videos from National Geographic, and you can travel to the center of the world in 3D. You can also try standalone apps like the Jurassic world, where you can experience dinosaurs up close and personal.

You can also visit the browser, access the internet, and join anyone uploading VR experiences online. They don’t have to be precisely on the Oculus or the Meta Store.

Exploring The World

You can visit different sites on youtube where you can experience places like the Eiffel tower or the Empire State Building, or you can use an app called Wonder. It plugs into the google maps API so that you can have a street view, travels worldwide, and see everywhere.

You can go to every street the google car has passed, check previous views, and compare it to the recent one.

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