Dreadshore: Meet Your Maker With New environment, trap, and New Custodian

Meet your Maker's sector 1

“Meet Your Maker sees its first major update with Sector 1: Dreadshore, featuring a New environment, New trap, and New Custodian” Tweeted PlayStation. With the release of Sector 1: Dreadshore, the world of Meet Your Maker is growing. We’re cramming a lot into this release, and as Dreadshore is our first significant content update, we’re celebrating by giving you a chance to get the Sector 1 Arsenal free pack beginning tomorrow till July 10.

It’s been exciting to watch millions of Outposts emerge throughout the globe since Meet Your Maker was released and into the wild. This has all been made possible by our active, highly creative community. You’ve created some incredibly bizarre things, and we adore you for it. It’s our responsibility to keep inspiring that innovation, and Sector 1: Dreadshore, with its updated narrative, setting, arsenal, and cosmetics, represents a significant step in that direction.

Let’s begin by stating the obvious: What is Sector 1: Dreadshore composed of? The creative director of Meet Your Maker, Ash Pannell, notes that “We’re using the Sectors to deliver significant gameplay updates through a narrative.” “The things you obtain from that Sector are all connected to the history of The Dreadshore, a location in our universe. Along with the gameplay, it contributes to Meet Your Maker’s lore expansion.

Meet Your Maker’s Sectors explore different ruined areas of Earth. A New England lighthouse shelters the Dreadshore Sanctuary. One clone murdered Custodian and Chimera. Players can immediately access Sector 1: Dreadshore’s new scenery and themed Deco Pack.

“Environments and Deco Packs give builders tools to create stories out of their Outposts,” adds Ash. Unlike Red Sands, Dreadshore is dark and light-playing. It suits spooky Outposts. The Deco Pack’s rusted metal and weathered timber components let players visualize antique buildings.

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