September 24, 2023

Lenovo Legion Glasses vs. XREAL Air AR Glasses – New Comparative Overview

Lenovo Legion Glasses vs. XREAL Air AR Glasses

With its ground-breaking Legion Glasses, Lenovo has made a foray into the mobile gaming market with the goal of giving players an immersive experience at a reasonable cost. To assist you in making a wise choice, let’s compare these Legion Glasses to the XREAL Air AR glasses.

Lenovo Legion Glasses Release Date: Q4 OCTOBER 2023

With varied objectives and preferences in the gaming and AR experiences they provide, Lenovo and XREAL both present intriguing alternatives in the field of augmented reality glasses.

Price Comparison

The Lenovo Legion Glasses, which sell for $329, stand out as a cost-effective alternative to the somewhat more costly XREAL Air AR Glasses, which cost around $400.


Moving on to shape and style, Lenovo’s Legion Glasses have tinted lenses and a chic sunglass-like design for a distinctive look. In contrast to the noticeably lighter XREAL Air AR Glasses, which weigh only 75g, they do have a little bit more weight, clocking in at 142g.

A crucial component of an immersive gaming experience is a field of vision, where the XREAL Air AR Glasses Giveaway excels thanks to its broader 45-degree field of view than Lenovo’s 38-degree field of view.

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Their Displays

In terms of display quality, each choice has advantages. Full-HD gaming on a large virtual screen is made possible by the 1920×1080 resolution, 60Hz, micro-OLEDs included in the Lenovo Legion Glasses. Although XREAL Air AR Glasses are known for their excellent display, this comparison does not go into depth regarding their display technology.

The Lenovo Legion Glasses’ display brightness, which is an important aspect for visibility in a variety of lighting settings, is one glaringly absent piece of information.

How Comfortable are Xreal and Lenovo Legion glasses?

Both Lenovo and XREAL place a high priority on comfort and personalization. In order to meet individual demands, Lenovo Legion Glasses have a prescription lens option, an anti-slip adaptor, and adjustable nose cushions. The user experience and customization are also emphasized by XREAL Air AR Glasses.

Compatibility Matters a lot!

The Lenovo Legion Glasses are compatible with a wide range of gadgets, including the Legion Go portable gaming PC, Windows laptops, MacBooks, iPads with Type-C connectors, and Android phones. Additionally, XREAL Air AR Glasses have a wide range of device compatibility. Yet not a fully compatible device for Oppo and similar brands.

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Your Decision & Early Buying

Finally, customers’ decisions are significantly influenced by availability. In order to meet the demands of the gaming community, Lenovo intends to introduce the Legion Glasses in October along with the Legion 9i gaming laptop.

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Lenovo Legion Glasses vs. XREAL Air AR Glasses

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In conclusion, Lenovo’s Legion Glasses and XREAL Air AR Glasses both have unique features and functionalities that let users choose the augmented reality gaming experience that best suits their needs.

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