September 24, 2023

JayBratt has come with ’50 FREE GAMES on Oculus QUEST 2′ to enjoy


FREE GAMES on OCULUS QUEST 2 (Source: JayBratt - YouTube)

JayBratt a creator and a host has sorted Free games on Oculus Quest 2 that you might not have wondered about.

Free Games On Quest 2Specifications
VrfsVrfs uses sticks to move the ball while your hands act as feet to kick the ball. This game got so popular even after a month of its release.
Monkey see monkey dooOn Quest 2 with 6 monkeys jumping on the banana trees and avoiding being eaten by crocodiles.
Night ClubA combo of dance revolution and drunken bar to dance Or drink with others.
SlamSlam with a five-star rating is a tennis game with music sounds. you have to face tennis balls coming towards you.
MaestroBattle Talent is a combat fantasy physics-based game.
Gun RaidersA shooter simulator is with tons of flying actions with maps and guns to fight.
Blast on With slow-mo and dueling your opponent’s dodges is a pvp shooter simulator.
Piano visionThe virtual hands and keyboard help play piano even after connecting it with headsets on Quest 2.
Gorilla tagIn gorilla tag, you being the gorilla only jumping with your hands with no legs learn to control your motion through your hands.
BreachersBreachers is an alpha and multiplayer shooter game.
Fire ZoneFire Zone with 16 players puts you on a  Battlefield.
Luna  Luna episode 1 left Behind is divided into 5 chapters where you can enjoy the first chapter totally free.
Tea for GodA game that depends on your locomotion.
Gym classic basketball VRIt’s a fitness simulator fidgets free version available.
ElixirElixir with hand abilities experience is the better showcase.
Pavlov ShockPavlov Shock beta is a complete VR shooter for free.
Poker Stars VRWhere Casino allows playing card games.
Ancient Dungeon betaIn Ancient Dungeon beta cut the grass and picks pots while hitting the enemies with the knives.
Rec room VRRec room VR can be played with the headsets.
VR chatVR chat is with people having many rooms and can chat with others.
PolardreadWinter-themed Resort throwing objects and enemies and waiting for the clock to strike 6 so you can survive.
Noclip VR A game with mild blood and working with unique locomotion is a good shooter.
CATThis is a cat-in-a-hat horror game where you have to find 6 items in the wood and then banish the cat back into the box.
Solicitude wake-upYou have a flashlight with a slow battery and Zombies are everywhere you have to fight with them and find new batteries to keep the flashlight working.
HordzIn this game, you have to fight goblins Monsters and witches.
Don’t Upset BobbyIt is a puzzle horror game where you have to set the puzzles before Bobby gets upset.
Battle talentBattle talent is a combat fantasy physics-based game.
BaitBait is a fish stimulator we are you can do fishing with 4 of your friends.
BOGOBOGO is a game where you have to take care of PET Bogo.
HibowHibow with the flying system in your boat allows you to fly along the map quickly.
Kizuna AIKizuna AI Touch the Beat is a  Rhythm-based game with Kazuna.
Gods of gravityA game where you try to take over the entire solar system with the command of your fleet.
Meta horizon roomIt’s a rec room-type game where people create their own world and earn money.
Half and HalfHalf and Half is a door game where multiplayer friends can join you blooding through clouds and swimming in the ocean.
Blacktop HoopsBlacktop Hoops is a game with realistic physics and basketball mechanics.
Punch fitIt is focused on fitness and activity with over 50 workouts.
We Are One demoWe Are One demo is an action game where the clone.
Republique VRRepublique VR
In this game, you play a hacker who is hacked into a national surveillance system.
Hyper DashHyper Dash is a free multiplayer time-based Shooter with a high rating.
Liminal Liminal collection of different kinds of experience meditations.
Home after WarHome after War is a war-torn experience game where a person with family comes to explore the houses after war.
CapuchinCapuchin is a locomotion-based game similar to gorilla tag.
GRABGrab is a  level editor game where you can create your level and add your friends then.
Penguin paradiseIt’s a skiing-type stimulator and slip-sliding adventure.
Undead questThe undead quest
with a bat and a ball is a new addition to Quest 2.
V-speed Way V-speed Way
is a single-player racing time attack game.
Fish gameFish game is a simulator where you have to become fish with other friends.
Brisk squareBrisk Square is a simulator where you have to fight with propelling enemies while pushing, pulling, or cracking the objects.
  Cards and Tankards
It’s a game where one can compete with his own friends to create his card pack.
Free Games On Oculus Quest 2

Just to conclude, all these 50 free games on the Quest 2 are JayBratt’s favorites. So when you are gonna try your favorite ones? Follow us to explore the world of upcoming and new free oculus quest 2 games.

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