IT’S TIME TO GO BANANAS! TOSS! Set to Officially Drop on September 7th, 2023 – Wishlist Now on MetaQuest!

Banana toss

On September 7, 2023, the much-awaited game TOSS! The Banana will release. The gaming community is buzzing about this funny, action-packed game from an inventive small firm. MetaQuest, the largest virtual reality gaming platform, now lets gamers add TOSS! Banana to their wishlist.

TOSS! Banana—A Banana Frenzy, In TOSS! Banana, Benny the Banana must overcome several difficulties to accomplish his destiny in a funny universe. Benny will find hidden skills and abilities in the vivid banana world and defend it from looming danger.

Innovative Virtual Reality Gameplay: 

TOSS! Banana’s VR-exclusive gameplay sets it differently. Players may throw, toss, and manipulate bananas with lifelike accuracy in Benny’s quest using the newest VR technologies. The straightforward controls and engaging principles promise a highly dynamic and pleasant experience, introducing a new level of excitement to the gaming world.

MetaQuest Wishlist: 

Players can show their excitement by adding TOSS! Banana to their MetaQuest wishlist as the release date approaches. By doing so, they’ll receive quick updates, notifications, and unique deals relating to the game, ensuring they don’t miss a banana-filled moment.

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The creators have hinted at interesting pre-order bonuses and exclusive in-game goodies for early supporters. Fans want to be the first to play the game’s amazing virtual reality elements.

The TOSS! Banana team is grateful for the gaming community’s support and promises a game that meets players’ expectations. It’s time to go nuts and prepare for a unique gaming experience with the official release approaching! On September 7, toss bananas!

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