September 24, 2023

IDZ Asset 0 Is The Future Of ID: Valued Beyond NFT

NFTs have revolutionized all industrial sectors, and it’s taking more and more steps for the betterment of this world. We are watching NFT projects being launched on daily basis but most of them are either similar or replicas of another popular project. And the use cases of these are not so captivating. But if you are looking for something that comes with extreme value in the real and virtual world, this project may entice you for good. Let me introduce a beyond NFT project with the actual use cases of IDZ Asset 0.

It’s not just an NFT but beyond one.

So, let’s first start with finding out:

What IDZ Asset 0 is, and why is it unique and better?

IDZ Asset 0 is the identity of physical and digital assets, and devices you hold which will become accessories in the future.

It gets you OWN and take CONTROL of your data, assets, contracts, chats, and files.

An IDZ Asset 0 is, in essence, the first asset in the ID ecosystem. And they function better than NFTs.

But this isn’t just another NFT. The ambassadors, i.e., the holders of Asset 0 will be able to convert it into Asset within the ID ecosystem and store it in the ID.

And believe me when I say acquiring Asset 0 and becoming an IDZ Ambassador means joining a growing community of like-minded people who believe that ownership and control of their assets should be solely in their hands.

Dissimilar to any regular NFT, the value of Asset 0 is supported by a formula.

The valuation of Asset 0 = Increment in the number of Ambassadors

What this means is the value of Asset 0 will keep on upgrading, as the number of users increases.

You might think, isn’t this the case with all other popular NFTs?

Nope! In general, the value of NFTs is fundamentally based on the hype at the initial stage. Further, companies offer the holders the reward behind buying a particular NFT. In the first place, the pricing may even get crashed the second hour, you never know.

In terms of Asset 0, the formula guarantees liquidity. This means the ambassadors will always have someone to buy their assets. Even after the IPO, they can sell it back to IDZ.

This way the holder will have no regression at all, instead will gain a profit as per upgraded price.

Now the next question here is:

Why should one buy Asset 0? Or why should anybody join the IDZ community?

There should be use cases and they should be attracting too to attract a potential customer so let’s find out what Asset 0 and IDZ community have got for you.

We believe the ID ecosystem has the potential to change all industries.
The applications of the ID are limitless, but here are some use-cases to help you understand the ID better.

And the first one is:


In general, from a business perspective, when you buy content on social media in the form of a post or a video, nothing proves you as the owner of that particular content. The original owner of the account still has the power to edit or delete it.

So, in the ID ecosystem, your assets are your business. For example, when you pay an Instagram creator for a post. The Asset 0 will reflect that content within your ID as you are the real owner of that content. And no one else will have authority to edit or delete it, but you.

From the Content creators’ perspective, they can monetize and profit from their work. They are not required to share their advertising revenue with IDZ or any other ID cloud. Any text or video can be flapped for the entire world to see. Isn’t that what the rest of the world expects from web3?

Then comes the use case of Exchange with ID. With a valid ID, Buyers and sellers can create a contract that details how the transaction will be coordinated and what will happen if it fails at any point.

The buyer and seller will be asked for ZASSET and the item asset, respectively, in the contract. Buyers and sellers can agree to purchase a delivery asset from a delivery company that will take responsibility for the item while it is being shipped.

Online Checkout With An ID

When you make an online purchase, you provide some primary details including your name, shipping, and billing information. You pay using a credit or debit card, then you receive a confirmation email and tracking details. In some cases, when something goes wrong, you may need to contact several channels including an eCommerce store, the bank, or the shipping people.  

With the Asset 0 IDZ, you can get it done all through a single channel including identification of data, payment, and direct support contact through their Star app.

At The Cinema (With An ID)

Though you’ve made bookings online, still you’ve got to present your booking details to the foyer to confirm and collect the ticket. When you feel like having a drink, you need to pay separately along with presenting your identity proof for age verification. For discounts, you present a loyalty card.

This can all get sorted through Asset 0 IDZ which helps you approve your loyalty cards, age id proof, and money transactions. And you don’t need to present several cards at several points. Even you don’t require a print of the ticket, as your id will act as a ticket.

The use cases of Asset 0 Idz are countless:

Be it an employment agreement, Exchange, Biometric Passport, At the shop, the future hotel, the future bank; Whether it’s the future hotel, the future bank, at the casino, at the doctor, or secure signing.

IDZ is gonna be the future ID.

Employment agreement With an ID

This means that in this case all a new employee needs to do is identify himself or herself and sign the contract, and he or she is good to go. Everything will be taken care of by the contract for all parties. And we believe that this is the best we can do for the time being.

Further on number fourth comes to the shop with an ID. When you check out at a store, you identify yourself to share your loyalty card and money in exchange for a 30-minute temporary access asset. 

There’s no need to enter a PIN for each purchase because the LOCK feature on your IDZ-enabled device will ensure a more secure payment. This is what will make your day-to-day life and transactions go more smoothly.

The Future Bank

After this, there is also a use case for the future bank With an ID. All you have to do to open a new bank account online is identify and share all of the required assets. This could include valuables such as your original passport and utility bills.

Future Elections

And the biggest of all the use cases is Future elections with an ID. This means that if you vote in an election, you must do so through the online portal set up for that purpose. All you have to do now is choose your options and identify yourself using your biometric asset from a reputable issuer.

Furthermore, there are a lot of other features like Secure Signing, Future Election, At Doctors, Casino, All-In-One Experience, and a lot more which you will get with Asset 0 and IDZ.

And I don’t see any drawback in this project but there is one thing and that is adoption which will take a little time otherwise this is really high potential and disruptive NFT project that’s trying to be more than NFT and provide people ease in every aspect of their life.

Now I hope everything about IDZ Asset 0 is understandable. The concept may sound challenging, but when the adoption level increases, the process just becomes easier.

Instead of the value of the NFT being based on hype, the value of ASSET 0 is backed by a formula.

The call line of IDZ Asset 0 is ‘New Era Starts With New Id’.

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