Hallden Spends ’30 Days With The Nreal Air AR Glasses!’ Watch Full

Nreal Air AR Glasses

Nreal Air AR Glasses (Hallden)

After getting comments from people, I was compelled to try out the new Nreal Air AR glasses. For me,  It has been 30 days since using Nreal Air smart glasses and what I observed after using them is really amazing, and something that you have never observed ever.

Firstly, let me familiarize you with the news that the Chinese business Nreal created a pair of mixed reality (MR) smart glasses called the Nreal Air. Discussing my short-lived experience of 30 days, I’m constrained to say it’s just something really incredible!

In order to experience the Nreal Air AR smart glasses, I started to wonder about the budget. Being a responsible professional, I risked buying the most expensive tickets for a private plane to travel to Australia. All this I did, was because I had to travel and experience Nreal AR smart glasses on the beachside. Landing in a snow-covered area, I had to spend one night there. Being a first-time traveler on a private plane, my excitement was out of its boundaries. I wore my Nreal Air AR smart glasses, lying in the plane. I was impressed by the four factors of these glasses.

These glasses being so tiny and portable are very easy to put on the face. They are similar to sunglasses but they actually are not! These glasses surely passed the test. The Nreal Air AR smart glasses are in fact freedom, providing easy movement of the head in backward and forward directions. Providing 260 Hz and a 10 lb microdisplay, these glasses have a screen size of 130 inches from an average distance and 201 inches from 6m. I experienced that these glasses are so comfortable to wear for a long time.

Then, I decided to take a beach test of these glasses. These worked there well but after putting a light shield cover on them. In the broad sandy area, I enjoyed the big screen really much. For travelers and business travelers, these glasses are a great ease to put on and work while traveling. I preferred to use Mac and swipe the screen from there instead of turning my head. If you are taking Nreal AR glasses with you, it means that you can enjoy the big screen wherever you go! You just need to attach your cable with glasses. Here you go! For computer users, these glasses are providing a virtual large screen. For a gaming console, Just lay down on the couch and look at the ceiling. No need to change positions. Travelers can take it with them in their computer bags even in their pockets.

Nreal glasses are creating excitement in users to even enjoy the virtual reality world on a big screen!

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