Gran Turismo World Series 2023 is starting Tomorrow!  

Gran Turismo World Series

All gas until you see checkered flags in the Gran Turismo 7 World Series 2023, starting tomorrow, tweeted PlayStation. The Nations Cup Round 1 on May 13 officially starts the Gran Turismo World Series 2023. Anyone with a copy of Gran Turismo 7 for the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 can start playing the series by going to the game’s Sport mode.

Once there, register for either the Manufacturers Cup, where you race for your favorite manufacturer or the Nations Cup, where you race to represent your native nation or area. Unlike previous years, the seven-round Nations Cup Online Series will run in a straight block, with Round 7 on June 3. The Manufacturers Cup begins on June 7 and ends on July 1.

Players are invited to the 2023 Series’ two live events, the World Series Showdown in Amsterdam (August 11–12) and the World Finals in early December at a location to be announced. After a thrilling World Finals in Monaco, Subaru’s Daniel Solis (USA), Takuma Miyazono (JPN), and Kylian Drumont (FRA) won the Manufacturers Cup. The Nations Cup was tightly contested with points even at the top. After a chaotic lap, popular Spaniard and World Series veteran Coque López won. Angel Inostroza of Chile placed second, while 2018 World Champion Igor Fraga of Brazil placed third.

The Showdown and World Finals will be team competitions like the Manufacturers Cup by 2023. According to Gran Turismo game producer Kazunori Yamauchi, a new World Series is always exciting. “Each year, we see huge clashes amongst our famous performers, but at the top, new talent is continuously rising.

In June 2023, the Olympic Esports Series and Gran Turismo World Series will welcome the world’s greatest players to Singapore. The release of a Gran Turismo movie in August, during our Amsterdam Showdown event, will be another milestone this year and recognize the Nissan PlayStation GT Academy. Lastly, For the first time since Sydney in early 2020, Gran Turismo fans may watch the World Series live at the Amsterdam Showdown and World Finals. Check and the Gran Turismo social media platforms for ticket information. 

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