September 24, 2023

VR Skater, Gran Turismo 7 and Many New Games, Release Dates, DLC & More- presented by PSVR2 Without Parole

Gran Turismo 7

In an exciting week for PlayStation VR2 enthusiasts, the renowned video host PSVR2 Without Parole has brought forth a treasure trove of updates, revelations, and glimpses into the realm of virtual reality gaming. From exclusive in-game content to tantalizing teasers of upcoming releases, gamers were treated to a deluge of exciting news and insights.

Gran Turismo 7: Revving Up with Patch 1.36

The week commenced with a bang as Gran Turismo 7 unveiled patch 1.36, accompanied by the launch of a remarkable freebie: the iconic Nissan GTR Nismo GT3. As featured in The Gran Turismo movie, players were offered the chance to redeem this thrilling addition by simply clicking the special panel on the world map screen. Available from August 7th until September 28th, this enticing opportunity had players revving their engines in anticipation.

VR Skater: A Thrilling Debut

Undoubtedly, the VR community was not left wanting as VR Skater made its debut. However, a $35 price tag surprised some, leading to speculation about the cost-effectiveness of the game.

VR Skater DLC: Expanding the Experience

A ray of hope shone with Perp Games’ revelation of three new maps set to be introduced as paid DLC. Yet, the twist in the tale favored early adopters, as those purchasing VR Skater before November were promised these maps free of charge.

Green Hellbr’s Mysterious Trailer

Green Hellbr caught the VR world’s attention with a dazzling trailer, showcasing a gripping narrative adventure. The video appeared on the PlayStation YouTube channel, hinting at an August 15th release.

Journey to Foundation: A Celestial Voyage

A celestial voyage awaited players as Archeck unveiled the captivating game “Journey to Foundation,” inspired by Isaac Asimov’s timeless classic. The development journey was chronicled through insightful devlogs, offering glimpses into intricate environments, traversal puzzles, narratives, and in-game gestures.

Monologic Games: Unveiling “Ben VR Adventure

Monologic Games took center stage, primed to launch “Ben VR Adventure” for PlayStation VR2. Further heightening the anticipation was the impending release of “VRSO Bare Knuckle Fighting,” accompanied by tantalizing motion-captured footage of in-game characters.

Rip BR: A Revolutionary Social Platform

In the bustling world of virtual reality, “Rip BR” emerged as a revolutionary social platform promising boundless interactive experiences. Providing users with the canvas to create, explore, and live out their fantasies in immersive landscapes, Rip BR secured approval from Sony for its entry into the PlayStation VR2 universe.

Next-Gen Combat Experiences Unleashed

Combat aficionados rejoiced as a fresh era of player-versus-player battles dawned with “Death Matches” and duels set against an expansive open world backdrop. Delve into class-based PVE dungeons to reap bountiful rewards, enriching your avatar’s prowess and prowess in the process.

Jeff Minter’s Enigmatic Presence

Jeff Minter’s unexpected appearance on the PlayStation VR2 store was met with curiosity and speculation. The enigmatic presence of “Akka R,” an Atari prototype once lost to time, stirred debates about its relevance and potential resurgence.

Crisis Brigade: The Return of a Classic Rail Shooter

Amidst the buzz, a beloved rail shooter from the PSVR1 era, “Crisis for Gate 2,” reemerged as “Crisis Brigade.” Sumo Lab, the creative force behind this virtual gem, hinted at an imminent free upgrade for PlayStation VR2 users.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice: Unveiling the Mystery

A captivating announcement emerged from the heart of Venice, Italy, as “Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice” took center stage. Although the trailer had intrigued gamers, the lack of updates since its reveal left fans yearning for more.

Closing and Teaser for Gamescom 2023

As the curtains closed on the week’s VR extravaganza, PSVR2 Without Parole promised an even more exhilarating showcase at Gamescom 2023. With the promise of heightened excitement and jaw-dropping announcements, VR enthusiasts worldwide braced themselves for another whirlwind of virtual delights.

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