Sony Santa Monica Teases New God of War Sequel, Last of Us HBO Show’s Abby Casting, and Red Dead Redemption PS4 Port Controversy, By MBG

God of War Sequel

In a whirlwind of PlayStation news, MBG brings you the latest updates that are sending shockwaves through the gaming community. Strap in as we dive into the details that are sure to leave gamers buzzing!

Sony Santa Monica’s God of War Sequel in the Works – A New Odyssey?

Sony Santa Monica Studios, the creative force behind the monumental God of War franchise, has ignited fervent speculation with a recent job listing. The listing is for a combat designer for an “unannounced title,” however, what truly piques our curiosity is the requirement for “knowledge of God of War 2018 and God of War Ragnarok.” This tantalizing tidbit fuels anticipation for a possible follow-up to God of War Ragnarok, which took the gaming world by storm with its record-breaking sales and innovative gameplay. While we’re waiting for official confirmation, signs point toward Kratos’ continued epic odyssey. 

There shouldn’t be any question at all whether or not we are going to be seeing more God of War games. We absolutely are,” asserts MBG’s host, underscoring Sony’s commitment to this iconic franchise.

The Last of Us HBO Show: Abby Casting News and Season Count Revealed

Hold onto your clickers, The Last of Us fans, as the HBO series continues to tease and tantalize. Craig Mason, the showrunner of The Last of Us, has dropped hints about casting for the pivotal character Abby in season two. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Mason’s coy response to the casting question, “Maybe,” has fans buzzing. MBG’s host weighs in on the brewing excitement: “The way he’s talking about it really does sound like they did already cast the role… We’re basically just waiting for the official announcement.” 

Furthermore, Mason hints at the series’ longevity, revealing that the show could potentially span anywhere from three to five seasons. The audience’s intense engagement and the awards acclaim signal a bright future for The Last of Us HBO adaptation.

Red Dead Redemption PS4 Port Stirs Controversy – Fails to Hit 60 FPS

The wild west’s virtual landscape is marred by disappointment as the technical analysis of Red Dead Redemption‘s PlayStation 4 port comes to light. Digital Foundry’s dissection reveals that the PS4 version of the game, locked at 30 frames per second even on the PS5, lacks the anticipated 60 FPS boost. This omission, paired with minimal visual upgrades and unclear menu designs, prompts MBG’s host to question the game’s value proposition.

“For fifty dollars, this is what Take-Two Interactive is doing with Red Dead Redemption. I think this game deserves much more than this,” criticizes the host, highlighting the letdown for fans of the critically acclaimed title. Learn why most VR games fail.

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